Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Vs Page: The Paperwork? The Beef? The History?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


LOL! I got some emails about Drake being a “snitch” and I laughed them off. This snitching thing still confuses me, as a natural born fool. Drake isn’t a crook, criminal or thug so is he a snitch or a law-abiding citizen? I don't want to get into that again. NEVERTHELESS…there’s some rumors to the reason why Canada rapper Page is upset with Drake. I present Exhibit A:

It seems that robbery situation that happened to Drake a ways back somehow lead to the dude Page. Now, I am not even going to TRY to say if somebody did or didn’t do it, but there is paperwork out there so it is what it is.

Now, somebody else told me that Page is simply mad that Drake blew up and didn’t “take Page with him.” I was under the impression that they were causal pals, not best friends or anything. I heard that Drake wanted that beat that Page rapped over for “I’m Fly” and even the producer tried to get it to Drizzie. Page wasn’t having it, sources said. I still like the song though.

What do you think? Please don't say I am hating on anybody here. I'm not. [:D]

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Here is the song again...I'm sayin...its dope.


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