Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake’s Ex Maliah Calls Him a “Disrespectful Crybaby”!

Oh boy, call the emo police! Drake posted a cryptic message on Twitter and his ex girlfriend, stripper, and new industry jump-off, Maliah Michele, felt the need to respond by calling him a “disrespectful crybaby.”

by Sydney Lace

If you remember correctly, Drake met Maliah while she was dropping it like it was hot at a Houston strip club and decided to put her name in a song, and then flew her out to Jamaica to star in his “Find Your Love” music video. The two dated briefly, and both Drizzy and Maliah were on to the next one. He moved on with Rihanna, Serena Williams, Dollicia Bryant and many others, I’m sure, while she moved on to Sean Kingston, John, D*ck, and Harry, I’m sure.

Oh well, we already know Drake is a crybaby. Just listen to his music. Tell us something we don’t know, Maliah!