Hip-Hop Rumors: Draya Scraps With Sundy Carter While Filming 'Basketball Wives LA?'

AllHipHop Staff

Draya Michele allegedly gave Sundy Carter a black eye on the set of "Basketball Wives LA."

The brawling has begun during the taping of Basketball Wives: LA.The YBF is saying that Draya and newbie Sundy Carter have been fighting over the activities of the former's boyfriend.

Sundy and Draya started scrapping recently while filming the new season of the show after Sundy started trash talking Draya's boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys baller Orlando Scandrick.

This may have been the last straw for Draya because word on the street is that other cast members have been talking smack about Orlando as well. They have been accusing him of scandalous cheating activity a Draya blew a fuse.

Sundy allegedly ended up with a black eye. Meanwhile, the other word surfacing is that Drayaskipped out on the cast's Paris trip, which was set to be the setting for their finale taping.

Neither one of them are actually wives. Sounds like Angry Bird behavior.