EDDIE IS THE FATHER!Yes, this is the word coming out of the tabloids, but it is OFFICIAL. You know the drama, but let me break it down for the blind. Mel B and Eddie Murphy were dating for a few (months, minutes, days) and she came up pregnant in the months afterwards. Well. Did Eddie deny it? I think he said something to the effect that, “I don’t know whose baby that is,” insinuating that Mel may have had other lovers. Well, Mel gave birth to Angel Iris Murphy Brown in April and listed Ed as the father on the birth certificate.Well, the DNA test results have comeback like a classic Maury episode and, “You are the father.” At this point, Mel B should be jumping in Ed’s face, pointing her finger and screaming, “I told you I’m not a hoe! Dat’s yo’ a$$! You ain’t never gonna see yo’ kid now!” What she will likely see is some heavy dividends for child support. Oh yes. That Brit is going to be seeing some good “Coming Back To America” money. The good thing is, Eddie has fully promised to be a good daddy. That’s word to Ed O.G. and the Bulldogs. KID-N-PLAY – THE COMEBACK?I heard that Kid-N-Play might be making a comeback. Didn’t that appear as a rumor a long time ago? I think I did have that up there. Well, rumor has it, somebody is getting the duo sharper or hoping they can to make this thing pop. There was also rumors of a “House Party Reunion,” but I don’t know about that. Sounds like a rumor, huh?