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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.READ THE RUMORS!Illseed here! I wrote some rumors and I would love you to read them. Thanks and click here to get to them!KATT WILLIAMS' MUG SHOT!

All I hope is that Katt Williams is OK. This mug shot does NOT make me comfortable that he is. He just looks too happy. Crackishly happy. I hope he is OK, in all seriousness.


Check out what Splash News is reporting.

Jay-Z was leaving Capitol City sports bar in Hollywood. As he exited, a paparazzi got too close to [Mr. Carter] and was allegedly violently pushed into a valet parking booth by a burly bodyguard. The videographer, who is believed to be named Rick and works for the X17 photo agency, suffered a nasty cut to the forehead.


I know some of you may not know what Sammy Sosa used to look like. If not, see below. If you ask me, Sosa looks too happy in his lightened state. If that was me, I wouldn't come out the house until my color was restored. Sosa's next excuse is going to be, "It kept me light-skinned...OOOPS...I'm stuck like this."

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS! (Check out what illseed's homeboy has to say!)


Remember when I told you Eminem was in talks to make some kind of horror movie or movies? Well they've closed the deal and Shady Talez

should be coming to a theater near you soon. It will be in 3D and Mr.

Shady will produce and star in it, playing a few different roles. The

writer for the hugely succesful Twilight movies has signed on and

Marvel has agreed to release a limited Shady Talez comic book series.

Shouts to Trav at

the end, he's next up at G-Unit and pretty dope, you should get up on

him early ... Here he is spittin' over "The Truth" beat on my show:JAY-Z HEARTS THE YANKEESAt

one point Jay-Z was considering an offer to buy a piece of the Yankees

but that never (or hasn't) panned out. Nowadays he settles for hanging

out with them. On Friday Jay spent the whole day with A-Rod including:The Yankees victory parade:

Dinner at Nello's:

A Knicks game, where they joined pitcher CC Sabathia (That black guy in the 3rd row is Chris Rock):

Then off to the 40/40 for drinks with some friends:


out the trailer QD3's documentary on Weezy ... it premiered at The

Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and looks like it's going to

be pretty interesting. Also a few interesting facts about the film:

-Wayne tried to block it's release because it hurt his image-Starts

9 days before The Carter 3 drops and even with the leaks Wayne was sure

he'd do a million the first week and plans to sell 5 million next go

around.-The greatest gift his daughter says he ever gave her was his time (awwwwwwww).-Cortez Bryant (manager) refuses to ride on Wayne's bus because of his drug addiction.-Wayne is VERY serious about not drinking ... alcohol.


Serena Williams wants to be an action star ... I'd go see her run, jump and kick a** for a couple hours.

Joe Jackson has asked a judge if he can get an allowance from Michael's estate.

Michaels dermatalogist says the reason those kids could describe

Michael's penis so well is because he loved to pee in front of people (he thought it was funny) and thats how they saw it ... ummmmm ok.

Congratulations to Teyanna Taylor for locking down the starring role in Stomp The Yard 2.

RiRi doesn't seem to be clear on wether she loved CB, she told Glamour she didn't then told 20/20 she loved him very much.

Jay-Z tells Gotham magazine one of the goals he hasn't accomplished yet

is a trip to the moon. I hear it costs about $30 million.

Kid Cudi just did a song with Shakira ... definietly a good look..."Hips Dont Lie" was one of Wyclef's biggest records.Ice

T's wife CoCo says "Soulja Boy’s not even a rapper to me, he’s more of

a dance guy." ... come on Snoop said he's good, he's good.Chris Brown's friends went bizerk defending him after clips of the Rihanna interview dropped ... Chris simply says "the details should remain a private matter between us".

Hip-Hop Scholar Michael Eric Dyson has penned a Nas biography focusing on the impact of Illmatic...it hits bookshelves December 28:

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