Hip-Hop Rumors: Eminem's Signing Who? 50 Cent's Looking For A New Home? DJ Amber Rose?


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I’m hearing something interesting. I heard that This is the last album that Redman is bound by on Def Jam Records. Yeah, he just released what seems to be a compilation of older song to create Reggie. Well, I am hearing that this is his last joint to his recording home. Sooooo…if you know anything, you know that Redman is Eminem’s favorite rapper ever. I am hearing that Redman is going to sashay over to Shady Records when all this Reggie promotional dust settles. It could be a great move. I would definitely applaud Eminem if he took on a wily vet like Redman. 50 CENT NOT HAPPY?

You know, Lloyd Banks is the toast of NYC and even Hip-Hop in general right now so when the sales numbers didn’t match up, a lot of people were stunned. I am getting word that 50 Cent is not a happy person for this very reason and EMI is the source of his displeasure. On the flip side, I am hearing Sha Money is definitely trying to get his homey over there at Def Jam to set him up properly and Chris Lighty running Def Jam only sweetens the deal. Also, a source tells me that Joell Ortiz may be getting signed over at Def Jam. Another good idea by Def Jam.

[Excuse the errors...oh boy, its been a doozie of a week.]AMBER ROSE PUSHING A LAMBO?

I hear Amber Rose maybe trying on a career in DJing. To pay for this lambo, no doubt!

Seen at theybf.com


Mikey T is going to bring back Yung Berg all for himself! Here, Berger Time did some writing for Diddy. He also announces his album for 2011. BOW WOW TALKS SUICIDE, RAZ B, STDs and KAT STACKS

I wasn’t going to put this out there, but I guess I will. EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY

This is actually the epic fail of yesterday.

Elizabeth Edwards lost her 6-year fight with cancer. Totally sad. But, that’s not the epic fail. The epic fail is John Edwards. Not to be unfairly cruel...I'm sure he's ad too. But

he’s now the former presidential hopeful that

cheated on his dying wife stricken with cancer. I actually thought

Elizabeth was going to win in her fight with cancer, but the recent news

made it evident that she wasn’t. Now, John will never get redemption in

my opinion. Meanwhile, her GRACE under the circumstances makes her a

martyr of a douche of a ex-spouse. (AND, on the low, I heard he's

quickly moving close to re-marrying with another women. Now, who on

Earth would do that after he defecated on his wife's life while she was


WOW! They are saying that 1 in 5 divorces involves Facebook. On the positive side, divorce rates are generally down, but this is crazy.

“The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats with people they were not supposed to,” said Mark Keenan, managing director of Divorce-Online.

Now, something crazy like 80% of all divorce lawyers cite Facebook in some form or fashion.

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Apparently, Loon was talking about making a comeback, but he was joking.

Halle Berry’s kid is going to appear on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” because her ex is dating Kim. Halle is gonna scratch Kim K’s eyes out.


I’m sure this has been across the net and back, but here are some shots from a recent show that J. Cole had. Drake showed up for the festivities. YUNG BERG, WE LOVE YOU! YOU CAN DO IT!