Hip-Hop Rumors: Fake Rick Ross Tricks Howard U! Kid Cudi Drunk In Street! Kim Kardashian: Singer?


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Kim Kardashian is reportedly about to take her “career” as a socialite into a new direction as a singer. You can thank The Dream for this one, because that is who she is rumored to be working with.

Thanks, Dream.


Over the weekend, Rick Ross performed at Howard and dude was well received. But there was a fake Rick Ross running around the campus.

I heard Lincoln University blew the whole budget to get Rick Ross at the school. A student rapper was the opening act, because Ross took all the cake.


Kid Cudi was out and about and very, very drunk.

Maybe its best that he does just go over to the Rock side of music. This is how they acted in the 80s.

Shout out, Necole.


Hip-Hop moves 360-degrees and that couldn’t not be more apparent with the emergence of Young Dirty Bastard, the son of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. After performing with the Wu over the summer, the young rapper is ready to come forth on his own, representing for his late father. Preview for Food Stamp Celebrity: The Young Dirty Documentary

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Saigon got his Ass Whipped 4

the lil stunt he pulled on Prodigy , not gon

lie Saigon is a big dude but

you don't mess w/ the Infamous Mobb.

Artist signed to Cash Money

Young Money are giving up the rites

to all there master recordings . Think about it

theres alot of artist's signed to the labels .

Miami Goes Crazy 4 Rick Ross , his music

his club appearences , hell the East Coast

goes just as crazy , i'm jus reporting the truth

being that i've lived in both areas , Ross got

both Coasts on Smash , rite now .

Speaking of Rick Ross , Freddy P

was one of the first from Miami to speak

on radio about an emerging artist from Miami

who resembled Biggie in both size + flow .

Freddy P + Rick Ross recorded music together when

Ross was running around the hip hop scene as "Teflon Don"

Nicki Minaj just had a show in Trini , should have

some of that footage 4 u 2 , both Nicki & Bang Em Smurf

are From Trinidad originally .

Heres Some Exclusive Performance Footage of

of Onyx performing in boston , some of there most

Raw Tracks .

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S/O Jazzy thats my Guy we bout to do somethin major 4 Harlem .

THE DREAM, WE LOVE YOU!! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!