Hip-Hop Rumors: Flavor Flav To Do A Rock Album?

AllHipHop Staff

Flavor Flav has been through some things this year! Yee-aintknow?

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Flavor is out of jail and back on tour with Public Enemy, which is the best place for him. But, as the "road" carries on, I am hearing different things. Namely that Flav may be taking some of his angst to rock music! Now, some people think Flav is some kind of clown, but he's really a genus in disguise! He's a musical genius!

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He plays 15 instruments and taught himself to play the piano at 5! So, here is the rumor that I know you don't care about. I heard Flav is going to do a rock album! LOL! Don't laugh too much! It may be cool. But, in all reality TV, its good that Flav stay as busy as possible. Here is PE's rock version of Bring The Noise with Anthrax!

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