Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Cancels Shows! Kanye Wants "All of the Lights" Turned On?

Frank Ocean Cancels NYC Show…

Last night, while The Throne was tearing the roof off of the IZOD Center, Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean was set to perform at the Bowery Ballroom as part of his solo tour. Before the show’s start time last night, Ocean issued the following ‘statement’:

or should i say postponed. i played last night in new orleans, on antibiotics and some other meds. got sick a cpl days before i left los angeles. woke up this morning in new york and could barely speak. called a doctor to my hotel, got a steroid shot. took some more meds. laid in bed allday till soundcheck, got to the venue and could barely sing any of my songs. im really sorry yall. i been workin on this show for months, did everything i could to make it special for yall. i’ll be back soon as i’m healthy. thats my word. tickets will be valid for that, or you guys can get refunded. damn. this shit sucks.”

Although a ton of fans were surely disappointed, there’s nothing you can do about not being able to sing when you’re a singer. Get well soon, Frank!

Kanye Halts Concert Until "All Of the Lights" are Turned on...

“Light man, where’s all my lights at?”

The video above is from The Throne's recent stop in Washington D.C. Tonight, they will be doing their thing at the first of a two-show stint at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Nothing wrong with a man wanting the lights on! LOL!


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