Hip-Hop Rumors: G-Unit Plays Dirty On Fat Joe! Ghostface Cut From Iron Man? Nick Cannon & Mariah-Engaged? Bow Wow Disses Cops!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Game and Young Buck Mixtape? Jay-Z Disses! DMX Stuck In Bad Deal?

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Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Pain & Lil' Wayne: Best of Both Worlds? Amy Wildout & Boob Implants!



I wonder when Jay-Z’s Sean Bell song is on the way! The Game has one called “911 Is A Joke.” I know Jay took time to diss that ballplayer so I know he’s got time for a regular lil’ dude name Sean Bell. Anyway, they are on the way. One thing I hope that people understand (especially Black men) is that any one of us can be Sean Bell.

Shout out to Mickey Factz, who has a song called “I’m Sean”

Here is the one I picked for the day. Agallah got a song that I happened to like called “Something or Nothing.” Its not totally about Sean Bell, but I like the energy and the hook.

And then there is Grafh who has“Not Guilty (The People's Verdict)” This is the hardest of the lot!

Keep 'em coming! Where is Joey Budden!OUCH! SWIZZ BEATZ AND ALICIA KEYS?

I didn’t want to believe this when I got a link to YBF, but I looked into it and there apparently is some validity to this one. Now, I swear to the Lord of the Flies that Alicia is set to marry this summer. As you know, we even have date and place for the nuptials. Sooooooooooo…..Swizz and Alicia apparently got their swerve on earlier this year. I didn’t believe so I conferred with some people I know and they told me it was indeed rooted in fact. They are saying that these two were seen cavorting with each other at various times, including one at the Museum of Modern Art (or MoMa). Apparently this goes back pretty far to the point where they went to parties with their mates and were making out in the party together. Sheeeeeesh, I just feel like Alicia is too much of a good girl protective of her image to do something like thing. I could be wrong.


Kanye and the rest of the Glow in the Dark crew recently played Denver at the Pepsi Center last night. As usual, I heard it was off the hook. The only thing is a little controversy was stirred during Ye's set when he was doing a tribute to his mom and someone in the first few rows was sitting down. He asked the crowd to stand up but was clearly looking right at whoever was sitting because the whole crowd was up. He asked again and then on the verge of a Kanye freak out he looked right at the person and said "stand up out of respect...everyone stand up, unless you are in a wheelchair". I don’t know if the person got up, but they might have been in a wheelchair. If my poor memory is right, this happened before with ‘Ye and wheelchair-bound person.


First things first. I haven’t seen the Iron Man movie yet, but a couple of people I know did. And they said the movie is crazy good. I heard Robert Downy Jr. is awesome as Tony Stark. The only downside for us Hip-Hop fans is that the segment of the movie with our Iron Man, Ghostface Killah, was CUT! I am hearing that Ghostface played a friend of Tony Stark and they had a party, but it was sliced. OH Well! I am sure they will get us on the DVD.

I talked to the TMp Muzik crew, who made that song “Do The Iron Man,” which disses Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat.” Here is what they told ya boy illseed:

Do The Ironman" is a “Crank Dat” diss. The only reason we made the song was to show that anyone with half a brain can make a song like “Crank Dat.” It is the same reason why everybody and their mama have been making a Crank Dat song on youtube. We are throwing fireballs and dancing around playing guitar hero. We just made sure that we included a hot beat to go to the song and a catchy chorus.


My girl Brandi hit me with some sad and unfortunate news. Keyshia Cole had a concert in Houston 2 nights ago at the arena theatre, where the lowest ticket price was $50. I heard the show was supposed to start at 8pm but Key Key didn't go on until about 10 pm. From what I heard she rocked about 30 minutes and largely improvised the show or at least it seemed like that. I hear the radio stations in Houston have been talking about it all weekend.

Also, I have intel that says Keyshia Cole's sister got into a fight at Atlanta night club Dreamz. I will have more details on this later, but I heard that promoters were reluctant to have her there for that very reason. They went out on a wing and a prayer and she ended up in a scrap!


This is difficult to explain, but I am going to do my best. When you pop in a CD into iTunes, the program imports all the songs data and puts it into the system. My boy S.Hill bought Fat Joe’s Elephant in the Room and G-Unit’s Elephant in the Sand at the same time. So, he imported Joe’s CD in first. Then he put in G-Unit’s. When he went to listen to Joe’s CD, he heard DJ Whoo kid of G-Unit and furthermore, the whole rest of the CD was G-Unit. Basically, 50 and his digital minions over at G Unit encoded all of Fat Joe's info (song name, producer info, artists, and even the album cover) onto the G Unit CD.

So when you ripped the albums into your computer, the G Unit album would take place of or eat the Fat Joe album. Hill ended up manually entering the name of the G Unit CD and songs before I ripping the songs so his computer would know the difference.

Wow. That’s just crazy. I just want to say that I really like the new Fat Joe. I think its his best since Don Cartegena.


I’m not sure what is up with his rap career, but Fonzworth Bentley is making moves! I heard the proper Kanye-affillate is currently doing a reality show for MTV called "G's to Gents." Rumor has it, the show is produced by Jamie Foxx, 51 Minds (the company behind “Flavor of Love””) and Brett Jenkins. Apparently, the premise of the show is to take a bunch of "gangsters" and tries to help them become smarter, wiser, and ultimately gentlemen. I heard Irv Gotti has already filmed a segment of the show. Is it going to be good or more like a Coonfest? Ahhhhh…only time will tell.


Ja Rule performed his hits during the Ghana Music Awards, even though it rained for about five hours. I even heard the Ghanaians like the gear Ja wore. Peep this though. People in Ghana have created a new form of Hip-Hop called Hip-Life!

U right, Ja Rule was definitely in Ghana... we love HipHop to the fullest and even have our own version of HipHop fused with our local languages.... called Hip Life (HipHop + High Life) started by Reggie Rockstone in the early 90's. Google that illseed and you may be surprised! Ja was in Ghana for the 9th Edition of the Ghana Music Awards. He performed and was given an award for his contribution to international music! He also performed this past Sunday at a Beach Bash! We need more HipHop artists down in Ghana and Africa mayne!!!!

Thanks Jean Pierre!


In honor of the launch of the biggest game of the year, Grand Theft Auto 4, Konsole Kingz have teamed up XBOX, to bring the urban lifestyle to the video game industry. Konsole Kingz have bestowed me, ILLLLLSEED (I never use caps for my name) as one of the many people that they inducted into a VIP program for the top 50 most influential people and artists across the country. Guess who I share company with? Slim Thug, Dave Chapelle, Trae, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Nelly, Lil Wayne, and many more. Check me out!

I heard the new Grand Theft Auto Game has handjob-giving hookers in it! Check out the preview of the game right here. On top of it all, these AllHipHop bums tried to jack me for my award! Not having it!


According to BlackVoices, Whitney Houston was a lil’ bit out of it at a recent date in Tobago:

“R&B diva Whitney Houston disappointed a sold-out crowd who came to see a rare performance by the trouble-prone singer at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago on Sunday. Houston opened her show with ‘Its Not Right, But Its Okay’ and by her third song, ‘Saving All My Love,’ the once soprano’s newfound tenor tone was in full rasp. Wearing a white gown with a single shoulder strap, Houston skipped around the stage and continuously shouted to the crowd: ‘I love you Trinidad !’ Unfortunately, the concert was in Tobago! Locals shouted back each time: ‘This is Tobago!’”

I blame Ray-J.


Somebody send me an email and told me that Khia stole her hit song “My Neck, My Back.” Apparently a MAN named O'we Jive originally recorded it. I don’t know if he gave the song away or how it got to Khia, but he got no credit as far as I can see. I want Khia to talk about this in her next blog and mention illseed since she’s so popular!

While you are at it, check out the latest Khia’s Kall Outs. You know you want to hate on her.


The Snoop and Willie Nelson song is called “I Ain't No Superman.”

I heard DMX’s new album is completely finished and he is just waiting on the label. What’s interesting is that he almost signed to Swizz’s Full Surface.

In other inebriated news, George Clinton and Sly Stone are now working together on some music. I can’t wait.

I heard that Carmelo and LaLa are expecting again.

Nick Cannon got Mariah Carey a 20-Carat engagement ring? What in tarnation!?

Baby D, the ATL rapper that was recently arrested? He purports to be 24, but the records of corrections claims his is actually 31.

Nobody knows where the Mixtape Awards are, but AllHopHop’s own Jigsaw and Grouchy Greg are being honored tonight. Just thought I would tell you. For more info, click here.

I just heard the new Lil’ Kim song, “Rider.”” Love Kim, but we have to ban the T-Pain voicebox. Word to Zapp.

Pray for the people of California, where those fires are raging out of control. If you have a home there, don’t die with it. Get out with what you can and re-build.


Prodigy on the Sean Bell case:

“First of all, rest in peace to Sean Bell and I want to send my condolences to his wife, kids, family and friends and all the Sean Bell boys - Hold your head. We lost alot of battles but we will win the war. The decision in the Queens courtroom on Friday, April 25 was simply a display of power. The NYPD is just a branch of corruption connected to a giant corrupt tree called the United States government. This tyrannical corrupt tree has its roots planted deep into the United Kingdom.”

Click here to read the entire statement.

This quote is dedicated to the NYPD, but it’s from a song by The Riverside Nightmare Band (Click here for more info).

“We take what we want/ We do anything that we wish/We got not respect…We laugh in your face/we practice our growl and our sneer / We break up your face/ we are dangerous when we are near.”

Questlove of The Roots talk about LA Reid:

"He has no idea that 'Birthday Girl' isn't even on the album. They don't know we shot the 'Rising Down' video. They just know they approved an (electronic press kit) budget."


I think we have a new addition to Kanye West’s tour! Check this out, the glow in the dark CATS! That’s right. These cats glow in the dark! The cats were born in South Korea and the images where provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Apparently these kitties have a gene that allows them to produce red fluorescence protein. In regular light, they seem to be normal, but their skin glows a red light under ultraviolet light. Did I mentioned these cats were CLONED? You know me – I am not with all that cloning stuff. I feel it is contrary to nature. Now, if I could clone myself to do these rumor, I would. Outside of that, nothing is popping. Here is a statement from Korea’s Minister of Science.

"The ability to manipulate the fluorescent protein and use this to clone cats opens new horizons for artificially creating animals with human illnesses linked to genetic causes," the Ministry of Science and Technology said in Wednesday's report.

As it pertains to science, they feel this new development will help them spot certain disease in humans.

Click here for the video.

Signs The World Is Coming To An End PART DEUCE. How does a young man that is well-liked, mild mannered, in a popular fraternity, college grad, own his own company and catch a murder case?


I happen to believe the devil exists. Not in the form of a dude with red skin, horn and a tail, but rather scoundrels walking around Earth. Take the latest on Sean Bell’s family. The family has been getting threatening and harassing calls and emails from a variety of places. Sure you have the normal trash, but some of these calls originated from the offices of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is now investigating these evil phone calls made straight to Bell's wife/fiancée, Nicole Paultre Bell. How devilish and evil can you be? They say some people are ghetto and some are less intelligent, but is it possible for people to be inherently more evil? The woman’s husband was murdered and this is the sort of benevolence she receives. We all know what happens when you have cops investigating cops – acquittal.

I don’t advocate the killing of police officers, BUT I heard the people in BK, NY are sick and tired of the consistent and persistent legacy of police brutality in NYC. According to the New York Daily News, “dozens of cops” were removed off the streets, because of some sort of plot to shot the ones that patrol the streets. Apparently, a snitch told the coppers in East New York about the plan. They probably just scared my girl Karma is going to come pay a visit.


You know I love real people. And this girl is as real as it gets. She sings Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Buttermilk Biscuits.” This is cute. I’m exposing Sir Mix-A–Lot! I love this girl!

Here is the original:


I think she woman can press charges for the way they did her in this video. Peep the lunacy!

And I’m out!


Me and Bow Wow are not letting Sean Bell and all the others like him die in vain. Period. Let them have it, Bow Wow!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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