Hip-Hop Rumors: Grammy Madness! Did Floyd Beat Up Raz B's Bro?


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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Videos of Genius J-Dilla!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye Rocking The Grammys? Crazy...


OK, so if the update is light today, it’s because we were all having a ball last night with The Grammys! You have to see the live blog on the site where Kathy, myself and all the other commentators and readers where having a ball with this! So, click here to join in the celebration. You are a lil’ late, but not that late.

Nas decided to take it to the next level and rock a “N****r” shirt to the red carpet of the Grammys. No, not like an ignorant shirt. Read here to get my full drift.

Check out the clip:


You know, I never thought Raz-B or Ricky Romance would make the page again, but here they are! Somebody very close to Rick sent me a letter and told me that son got beat down by security guards with boxing master Floyd Mayweather. All of this is allegedly...read on.

A source that claims they saw it saw it told AllHipHop.com, “The reason I'm writing this to you is because [Ricky Romance] was attacked around 3 in the morning today by Floyd Mayweather's security. The reason he attacked [Ricky Romance], I don't know but I'm suing his b***h ass for putting his hand on [Ricky Romance]. [Ricky is] making a restraining order and [Ricky Romance] has pictures that will go to the police once [Ricky Romance] talks to [his] attorney and find out how this situation will be worked out. (This is not a publicity stunt or a cry for money but [Ricky Romance] was embarrassed and beat up badly in the lobby of the hotel.) [His] attorney will review those tapes and talk to witnesses from Floyd Mayweather’s camp that agree that [he] shouldn't been handled like that when [he] is in town as a guest of FLOYD MAYWEATHER.”

All this apparently went down at a hotel in Grand Rapids. I don’t know what to believe with this dude! We’ll see if charges are filed and then we can get it on!


You all remember the Biggie contest, right? Well, from what I have been told, the winners and actors are soon to be announced. They are taking things pretty seriously from what I have been able to deduce. And YES, Jamie Hector did read for the role of D-Roc, Biggie right hand man, but he has not been officially cast ini the role. Jamis is that dude, but he might be a lil’ short to be D-Roc, who is like 6’5” or something. According to D-Roc’s myspace, Jamie has sealed the deal. It says:

Congratulations to JAMIE HECTOR a/k/a as Marlo from THE WIRE and our narrator to LIFE AFTER DEATH: THE MOVIE DVD! Jamie has landed the role of Damion "D Roc" Butler in the upcoming motion picture NOTORIOUS coming out on Fox Searchlight (2009)

So which is it?


I am sure there is some method to this, but the whole G-Unit Clothing staff was supposedly told to pack their bags and take a hike. No disrepect to those out of a job now, because I have been there before! I heard the act went down on Friday and everybody was forced to exit the building, says my homey DyVaun. One of the designers hit me up and told me this was true. On the flip side, I heard that its just 50 Cent looking for a new company to pump out the clothing like, aside from Ecko.


Damn, you know I heard an ill rumor that sucks if you are a Patriots fan! It ain’t new, but I beg you to check out this report from ktar.com that I tickled me pink:

Patriots' Championship T-Shirts to Nicaragua

by Jon Zimney/KTAR

Thousands of t-shirts were printed proclaiming the New England Patriots as Super Bowl champions before they were upset by the New York Giants on Sunday.

They are now headed to needy families in Nicaragua.

Anne Duffy is with the relief group, World Vision, which is in charge of distributing the shirts.

``To be able to see them dance and jump for joy that they are getting something as simple as a t-shirt is so joyful for us," Duffy said. ``The children and their families who get these oftentimes have never had a new piece of clothing in their lives."

The t-shirts cannot be sold or distributed in the United States because the Giants beat the Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII.


I don’t want to hear the conspiracy theories right now. (If you want to hear the theories, check out Prodigy of Mobb Deep as he goes deeper than Atlantis.) Right now, I want to say that Barack kicked him some Clinton booty over the weekend. He even beat Bill. That’s right. Barack Obama beat both Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, when he scooped up a Grammy Award for best spoken word album. This is Obama’s second Grammy Award. On top if it all, Obama beat Hillary Clinton in three Democratic nominating contests Saturday and then also scooped Maine. It is a tight race for the Democratic party nomination – shout out to Hillary. No hate for her. Barack’s the big homey though. Virginia, make it happen!


I heard Kim Kardashian was the winner of the big butt award at club Pure in ATL.

The writer’s strike is looking to be over, y’all! We will have new shows within a month or so!

Shout out to Aj22! I just want you to know that none of my emails are going through to you!

I heard Micheal Jackson was supposed to be there, but he decided to skip the ceremony when they wouldn’t give him some special honor. Kind of wack of Mike! I wanted to see him!

Is it me or were the Grammys more like the BET Awards? LOL!

Is it me or did Kanye totally SON the Grammy “wrap it up” music?

Alexis hit me up on the fact that Sisqo and Bobby Brown are still on the Country Music Network with that crazy “who wants to be a country star” show. Does anybody watch it? Does anybody care?

Diddy sure can wine and dine ‘em! They say that Natassia Malthe got the Bad Boy treatment after saying she liked Diddy’s fragrance Unforgivable Woman. I heard he hit her off with hundreds of bottles of the perfume and blessed her hotel room with white rose petals.

I have nothing to say about Benzino sleeping with Fat Joe’s wife. Joey Crack is the don and I’ll have no opinion on it! You can stop telling me about that one, because I heard it!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to read our J-Dilla dedications 1) Gumsole Beatdowns: J Dilla Is Legend and 2) Hip-Hop Rumors: The Videos of Genius J-Dilla!For all my beautiful women, I want to say sorry in advance for posting this up at my blog, but this is what happens when they lace cornbread with hormones in other women.


Nas to a White reporter [AllHipHop]:

“So, no longer are Black people still n****rs, its also me and you.”

Kanye to the Grammy “wrap it up” music police:

"It would be in good taste to stop the music then." (Because he was talking about his beloved mother.)

T-Pain talking to E! about Kanye sonning the Grammy music that tried to shut him down while making his acceptance speech:

"He has a reason to be [arrogant]. I appreciate him and his arrogance."

SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AND ENDHere is a report coming out of the UK:A 12-year-old who raped a 7-year-old after

drinking four cans of lager and two miniature vodkas and later admitted to other sexual activity has been sentenced to 3 years supervision and time in a residential program for young sex offenders. The court was told that the 12-year-old had been abused, and exposed to pornography and violence while growing up. He struggles to understand the consequences of what he did and experts say he is at a high risk of re-offending without treatment. In sentencing Judge Michael Cartlidge ordered that the young defendant be prevented from working with children as an adult, telling him, "You have done something very

wicked indeed and I hope over time you will learn what that is."


Much love to Bun B. He’s a very smart dude and reps Hip-Hop to the fullest!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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