Hip-Hop Rumors: Gucci Mane in Rehab? Kanye/Amber Expecting? Latifah To "Idol"?

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.CONGRATS, J-HUD!Jennifer Hudson and fiancé David

Otunga welcomed their son late last night. The two opted not to know the

sex of the baby they brought both pink and blue

to be on the safe side. The baby allegedly weighs

seven pounds and fourteen ounces and was named David Daniel Otunga,

Jr. after his father. - Miss Mouth

THE DAILY TWO SENSEJoe Budden wants to "square dance" with Raekwon. Cick here.

I don’t want anybody to die. I wrote an editorial that explains my point. Look for it later.

Now, I just added all that conspiracy stuff as food for thought. Its always good to spark some brain cells minus the use of drugs. It was not meant to take any shots at anybody in particular. So don’t apply the theories to me, because there was no undercurrent there.

Lastly, I know why Jay-Z is ignoring The Game, thus far at least…he’s getting down with Oprah! You cannot be engaged in a savage rap beef and be cool with the O!

Lastly, I want to introduce to you all MISS MOUTH! She is my new illseed assistant and a gossip chick. She’s been hitting me with rumors and stuff for some time and she’s stepped up. She’s going to be contributing regularly. This is sorta a trial period, but I think she’s going to stick around.

As a matter of fact, here is one of her rumors!


By Miss MouthSeems like there is some controversy over this rumor. I had this sucker up in July. SMH. - illseed

The legal affairs of Gucci Mane are enough for a full section on this site. It seems we are constantly trying to catch up with his arrests, court dates, probation violations and all sorts of other f***ery that is encompassed in the world of Gucci. A few weeks ago it was widely reported that Gucci had once again pee pee’d dirty on his probation test and therefore was again locked up. However while it was not true that he was in jail he did violate his probation and his lawyers had to work out some deal to keep him free.

Well I am hearing the deal they struck involves Gucci going to rehab for a period of 2 months. That is why we haven’t seen much of him on the concert tip and no new web videos. I’m told Gucci has been in the rehab facility in rural Georgia for the past week or so and will continue to be there for at least another month.

This guy is just crazy, in my opinion. It must be some insanely enticing weed this guy is getting his hands on for him to risk all this for it. Whatever it is I just know I want some of it…[Source: 24hourhiphop.com]


Man, Kanye and Amber are rumored to be having a child.

Why do I think this is pure bogus? All I know is these people just

start rumors out of nowhere. Apparently this rumors started from some

sort of dramatic lifestyle change by Amber. Did she stop drinking and

smoking? Seems that would cause a rumor or too…or maybe she just wants

to life clean? Anyway, Kanye…ahhhh…forget it. If there is something to

this, best wishes.


Gosh. You know I have a weak space for stars personal business. On the real, I do. Now, that is why this will be a blind item. I got word that there is a major comedian that has been committed to a mental institution for about a week. This person reportedly was checked in or checked himself in, because of a touch of paranoia. The person seems to feel that there are people following him/her and out to get him/her. From my sources this person has basically stopped eating and only wants to chain smoke. The individual is under lock-n-key meaning has extra security measures surrounding them. DAG!


Ja’s song aint so bad, but its no “Pop Life,” which is the classic song by Prince.

Shout out to J'Fuzion! Google the Prince version if you get a shot.


Looks like Simon isn’t playing at all. What I am getting is that they are moving on replacing Paula really fast – straight up! Now, you know they aren’t playing when they pull Victoria Beckham out! Simon is reportedly very good friends with Vick and want her on the show. On the flip side, I heard she is merely a one-time, one show replacement – not for the whole season. Not too bad. Vicky can’t sing too well anyway. On the other side, I am hearing that Queen Latifah might be the one that will truly fill Paula’s seat. She’s got that kind-heatrted flavor going on too so it might work.

Paula’s got a lil’ trick up her sleave….rumor has it, she might go to “Dancing With The Stars.” You may not know, but she is an accomplished dancer that used to choreographed for the likes of Janet Jackson.


You know what’s crazy? I keep hearing that Soulja Boy has a dope live show.

Drake is finished. He won’t be back on the America’s Most Wanted tour. He’s healing and chilling in Toronto.

Dj Lexx hit me up and wanted to know where J. Cole and why he wasn’t on the BP3 album with Jay?

There are rumors buzzing that “24,” the anti-terrorism show might be cancelled. Why? The show is expensive as heck to make. They are suggesting that it will be a pure business deal, because it is very popular.

Oopps! Jay-Z is going ot be in O magazine, not The Oprah Winfrey show. DAG, Oprah!


Illseed Note: Miss Mouth is a handful!

“Nick Cannon” is such a flake. I agree with “Wendy Williams” he is less of a man for not being able to defend his wife against “Eminem’s” vicious attacks. Now he is claiming that her obsessed video is about him and not “Eminem.” She needs a divorce immediately. “Em” is such a bully, I hate him. Where was this fighting spirit when “Royce the 5’9” was getting in his ass or when that comedian sat on is face on national TV??? He is only good for beefing with female pop stars.

Basketball legend “Shaquille O'Neal” was in Hermosa Beach on Sunday for a volley ball game against Olympic Gold medalist “Misty May-Treanor.” As part of his upcoming reality TV show Shaq has vowed to walk two miles in a pink Speedo if he loses to “May-Treanor!”

Singer “Prince” is in the news due to a lawsuit he filed in June. “Prince” moved out of the home he rented in Beverly Hills, he left behind a $300,000 security deposit. “3121 Rep Inc.,” the company that claimed to have brokered the lease for “Prince,” has sued the owners to get the money back. But the owners say “Prince” made all the payments himself – “3121” was just an intermediary -- so the money should go straight to him. Now the two sides are suing each other, with “Prince” caught in the middle – “3121” wants the money they says is theirs, the owners just want their attorney's fees paid.

World Awards Media states that members of “Michael Jackson's” family and a "high-profile lineup of international stars" are planning a tribute concert to be held within a few weeks in the Austrian capital. No date has been set, but a venue has been picked – Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. Also, after weeks of speculation regarding the burial site, “The King of Pop” has been laid to rest. He was buried in an unmarked plot at “Forest Lawn Memorial Park” in the Hollywood Hills over the weekend. According to recently leaked autopsy results the singer’s death was due to a lethal amount of powerful anesthetic Propofol in his system when he died.

Why is everyone tripping, I love “Solonge’s” new look.

Guess who’s back and fatter than ever? “American Idol” winner “Reuben Studdard” was seen in DC this past weekend. Those “Louie Bags” have been duplicated so much that even when one is ACTUALLY REAL it looks like a FAKE. I hate them!!! I’m more of a “Fendi” girl myself!!!

Rumors are swirling around the ATL that “Tiny” is dating boxer “Floyd Mayweather” while “TIP” is locked up. You don’t have to be a psychic to predict an asswhooping in her future. Allegedly “Mr. Money Maywether” himself attended her recent birthday party in “The A.”

Why is this “Kate” chick from “John & Kate Plus 8” getting so much press? Does she really deserve her own show when broads in the hood have been pushing out multiples & duplicates for years


According to the AP, a Florida man stands accused of downloading child porn. That is not the sign the world is ending. The sign is this fool attempting to blame is pussy cat. Dude is a rat and blamed his poor cat. Now, who is the pussy? SMH. The dude claims that his cat downloaded the thousand-plus images of child porn on his computer. He says the cat “juxed” him when he was trying to download music. With the way the RIAA is going at cats, get it..cats? The way they are going at cats, he might be better off with the kiddie porn. Nevertheless, Keith Griffin of Jensen Beach faces 10 counts of possession of child pornography and is being held on $250,000 bond in the Martin County jail.EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY 2

Instead of doing a “Signs The World Is Coming To An End,” I am doing another fail.

Here is the video:

Here is the report from kfor.com:

A Racine woman says she was just "playing the game" when a cable reality show offered to pay for her wedding if she acted like an out of control bride for the cameras. Her acting may have this bridezilla playing the real life role of an inmate.

Most brides don't want to be portrayed poorly like the ones featured on the show Bridezillas, but Karee Gibson says she was given the unique opportunity to appear on a reality TV show. Bridezillas follows the lives of engaged women, casting their busy schedules in an emphatic and sometimes humorous fashion.

Gibson said, "I thought it would be a nice opportunity for me to show my acting skills, cause I've always wanted to be an actress and also a way for my family to get some income to help me pay for my wedding."

Gibson claims her bad behavior on the show was all an act. Gibson says, "I'm not like that at all and that's why it was fun for me because I'm not like that at all and that's why I'm getting so upset because everybody thinks I'm like that because I did such a good job acting and that's not me."

Her convincing appearance on the show could land her in jail. Gibson is on probation for a fight she got into in high school. Her probation officer says her behavior on Bridezillas is a violation of her parole.

The 21-year-old wife and mother has been ordered to report to the Racine County Jail Monday afternoon. Now her decision to appear on Bridezillas is one she regrets.

Her P.O. is a major HATER!


“Damita Jo’s” ex boo “Jermaine Dupri” has broken his silence on what really made him part ways with “Island Def Jam” earlier this year. He claims that he will never do business with the company again. He blamed Def Jam's inability to place confidence in his role as president as one of his underlying issues for leaving.

"They [weren 't] prepared for a person like myself. They [were] basically out for themselves. I never was on a team like that. I was always on a team that was supportive of what I wanted to do and this time it was more like 'we need you to do this.' People know me to create new artists [and to] continuously come with new people. Once I realized I was basically on my own in that building, I said 'it's time for me to get out of here.' I saw the decline of Def Jam and I was just like 'I don't want to be a part of a sinking ship.'...[There's] definitely hard feelings because I'm not cool with people stunting my growth. I'm a person that keeps growing. Everybody knows the history of Jermaine Dupri. Everybody knows what I've done from day one from one group to the next, it was all new artists and you have to continue doing that. If you get in the way of that you stunt that growth. They [have] bigger problems to deal with, I mean I'm not running around like 'f*** Def Jam!' I'm just saying I would not really deal with them ever again...It feels like it's a resurgence of independent labels...It just feels like the right thing for me." (The Boom Box)





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