Hip-Hop Rumors: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2007!

Today’s rumors are sponsored by AllHipHop.com's Staff, who wish you and yours a very stoopid def New Year!


What can I say? I just want to send out a blanket thanks to everybody that helped what I do and me through the year. Also, a huge thanks goes out to all the people that took the time to read my editorials, which is where my heart is. Shout out to all the stars that know what this is – fun! The biggest shouts go out to The Game, Jay-Z, Nas, Remy Ma, Slim Thug, Killer Mike, Paul Wall, Joe Budden, 50 Cent, Black Ty aka Tyrese, Russell & Kimora, Diddy and all the other cool celebs out there. Ahhhhh, you all know what’s up and I appreciate ya. Anyway – HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

The last rumors of 2006 start off 2007…

Somebody told me that Nelly is very upset that he’s been reported as being engaged. I can’t call it, you know? I just talk about meaningless crap I hear about. Now, I have to say that no statement has been released and the source of this could be feeding me more meaningless crap. WHO KNOWS? Who cares? LOL! I guess the reality will emerge in 2007, right?


Mike Tyson. What’s the deal? The former world champ was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of cocaine. According to po-po, Mike almost caused an accident. "The vehicle he almost struck was actually a sheriff's vehicle," Sgt Larry Hall said. "He's been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of a controlled substance, cocaine. It was found on him and in his car." Can somebody intervene here? I’m really not trying to hear about Mike Tyson dying at the age of 40.


Michael Jordan and his 17-year marriage are through. Jordan has divorced his wife Juanita, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. They have three kids, ages 14, 16, and 18. There have been long rumors about M.Dot stepping outside of the marriage in the past. Recently, a New York paper spoke of Mike trying to mack some young broad and she blurted something out about his “wife.” The joke might be on her as she could have had a baller for real – or not.


50 Cent has a different encounter with the coppers! New media have been reporting on how he got a damn traffic ticket. WOW! He got a ticket in Harlem after he allegedly made a wrong turn. I heard 50 drew a crowd as he got his citation and bounced. Silly! Anyway, this ticket was nothing like the one in September, when he was jailed for a number of violations. All good! One site is reporting that 50 Cent lost his virginity at 12! That’s young. We’re like opposites. I lost mine at 21 –hahaha! (Just kidding, kids!)


To Gail & Young Gotti (Kurupt). They got engaged recently. I was off slightly with my rumors, but I knew it was on the way! Big up


More on Super Lover Cee. This dude was so ill. I heard he’s down South now and is making beats and working on some new rap material in the Charlotte, NC area.

I heard Dania of JJ Fad is still rappin’ and has a beautiful family to boot! She’s got some work that she hopes to introduce to the world in the near future. Also, JJ Fad as a group does not appreciate Tomica Wright, the CEO of Ruthless Records and Eazy-E’s widow, for using their music still. They don’t even have a say in the matter!

Please don’t talk to me about Maia Campbell. I’ve seen the damn thing. I’ve seen it. It pains me to see such a pretty person seemingly spiral out of control.

Jennifer Hudson has reportedly given up burgers from Burger King. Well, she used to work there and will never return thanks to “Dreamgirls!”


ALLLLL SHEEEEEET! My boy Charles hit me up and hit me with the link! Where are they now? Nas named dropped the Rappin’ Duke and so did Biggie before him. Here is the Duke!

Check out this old Jaz-O / Jay-Z video, “The Originators.”


I invented KKKramer! (Off with your head, buddy boy! Ain't forgot ya!)

Joe Budden Pics by Brian Mapp

Oyama Caviness (Flipt TV), Jigsaw, 50 Cent and Grouchy Greg- Pic by Chris Questel

Chamillionaire (Mathew Phillips)

2006, WE LOVE YOU!

2006 HAD A BABY NAMED 2007! Time to grow up fast, kid - LETS GO! Click here for all the rumors of 2006! I ain't recappin' a dag-on thing!

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