Hip-Hop Rumors: Has Swizz Taken Over?! Why Mayweather's Not Fighting! Wyclef For Pres Of Haiti!

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SWIZZ BEATZ TAKING OVER ALICIA’S CAREERWell, everybody heard this as soon as Alicia fired her

longtime manager, but I didn’t want to make any snap rumors. Here is what I

scooped out of the news.

Today (July 19th), celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie reported

that the split with MBK was due to Swizz Beatz’ increased “role” in managing

the direction of Alicia Keys career.

"Over the past few weeks, Its been pretty tense in

house…Swizz Beatz has been there and has been taking a pretty active role of being a manager,” the source told NecoleBitchie.com. “He has been pitching her

to people and he’s becoming very vocal in the direction of her career."

The source claims that Swizz Beatz has been pushing for

the release of Keys’ song and video “Put It In A Love Song,” which he wrote and


Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz announced their engagement in

January of 2009.

Keys is also almost six months pregnant with Swizz Beatz

child. According to sources, the pair will wed this weekend.


Is there anything going on between Rick Ross and Gucci? I’m

definitely not trying to suggest there is, but I heard that just yesterday

Gucci did an interview with DJ Clue and Clue asked Rick Ross if there was some

friction going on there. I heard Ross dismissed it saying something like real

G’s pick up a phone if there is anything wrong and Gucci hasn’t done so. So,

there’s no issue, right? I don’t know, it seems like there is some unspoken

energy. I guess if there is something, we’ll know later. If you know something, holla.


The unofficial official reason why Mayweather doesn't want

to sign up for the fight with Pacquiao yet, is because his uncle and trainer

happens to be fighting domestic abuse charges with an ex-girlfriend. It seems

there is a notion that he may lose the case and Floyd and his people don’t want

to start the training for the fight then lose one of the best trainers in the

biz. This fight may make $200 million!

Here is the other “real” reason. Floyd and his camp issued a

statement saying that they have NOT even been negotiating with Pac’s camp. HUH?

Why are they waiting this long to say that when this has been playing out over

weeks in the media.

Here is the statement.

“Here are the facts ... the truth is no negotiations have

ever taken place, nor was there ever a deal agreed upon by Team Mayweather or Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao on Nov 13. Either Ross Greenburg or Bob Arum (Manny’s promoter) is not telling the truth, but history tells us who

is lying."


I don’t know if Clef wants to go there, but there are talks

and rumors that a Fugee is going to take it to the next level. The big buzz

coming out of the independent nation in Clef’s camp down in Haiti is that he is

going to run for President of Haiti. The elections are Nov. 28th and all

candidates have to register by the 7th of Aug. Clef has been fighting for Haiti

since the earthquake and before that. He’s still fighting now to make sure they

get their share of aid to re-build the nation. He’s got the star power too. He

could continue to keep the awareness high.


Some think that Michael Jordan is hating on LeBron, but

Jordan is old school in a good way. Listen to what he has to say about the

union of Bosh, LeBron and DWade as it relates to him Larry Bird and Magic



Remember my homey and rumor assistant Chance? He’s actually

a rapper! No wonder his rumors were waning…dude was writing raps. I’m not

hating. Here’s his new song, “Daddy’s Home.”


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!