Hip-Hop Rumors: Ice Cube Disses Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem...and MORE? Vanilla Ice Disses Eminem!


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Here is a repeat of the last rumor, for those that may have missed it.

First of all, here is the vid of Dre talking about the song and the new headset.

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Looks like the Dr. Dre and Jay-Z union is coming along really nice. Looks like the name of the song is "UNDER PRESSURE." And, it would seem this is all confirmed by none other than Jimmy Iovine. Mr. Iovine made the announcement on Red Sox Radio. How? He was asked by an interviewer what song he would want the players to walk out to bat to and he said "Under Pressure" by Dr. Dre featuring Jay-Z. Both Jimmy and Dre are / were at the Yankees / Red Sox game. Why? They unveiled the new Boston Red Sox Beats By Dre headphones. I want some AllHipHop Beats By Dre headphones for those good musical sounds!


I am convinced I need to be a part of this New Black World Order. I don't know what they were doing, but Dr. Dre was at the Yanks / Red Sox game and they were reportedly mighty chummy! I bet they are making some Big Bron headphones by Dr. Dre. Who knows! I'm heated, because I know they are about to make a gang of money and I am not.

Shout out to my boy Chris P!


Ice Cube has a storied history of going at all sorts of people. Everybody from NWA to Arsenio Hall. But, now...he's seemingly going all out. We all know the stuff with the newer rappers, but Cube has a new song and that song is sounding like it is taking shots at everybody. The song is called "Drink The Kool Aid." I want you to listen to it. I heard what seemed to be disses of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem...and may be more. AW MAN. He said, "I heard there was a New West Coast...I ain't heard it." I hope nobody gets mad at me. Cube is saying this! He's going in!!!!

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His other song is called "I Rep That West."

Ice Cube addresses the younger rappers and tells them...

VANILLA ICE AND T-PAIN REACT DIFFERENTLY TO THE SAME THING. Shout out to my homeboy Steel out in Dubai! He gave me the real deal on a pair of concerts in Dubai. One concert was T-Pain. Here is what he said:

A few weeks ago there was T-Pain concert in Dubai alongside the Gorillaz, DJ Sash and some other electronic music acts, the tickets for the show started selling at AED 400 ($110). 3 days before the show the promoters dropped the price of the tickets to $25 because they had hardly sold any tickets. Anyways, so the venue started filling up and when T-Pain finally came on the crowd went crazy, so he did his thing and one member of the crowd got a little over enthusiastic and threw a water bottle at him and T-Pain threw a hissy fit and walked off stage refusing to complete his set. 

The other concert was none other than Vanilla Ice. Here is how Robert VanWinkle responded to the same situation:

So that was a few weeks ago, yesterday Vanilla Ice performed in Dubai at a beach club called Barasti. Heres the interesting part. Vanilla packed the shit outta that venue. There was barely room to walk. The DJ was spinning hits from the 90s for a couple of hours, before his set, crowd was bumpin and by the time Vanilla came on stage, everybody went crazy. He had an explosive set, which consisted of him throwing litres of water at the crowd, after after a while of this, he started handing members of the crowd bottles of water to throw AT HIM!!! He rocked the house. What was real dope was the fact that eventho there were haters in the crowd talkin smack he embraced it, put on an amazin show and erryone left the show happy. All I gotta say is ... T-PAIN = MAJOR FAIL!! Check out this funny interview before his show in Dubai where he disses EMINEM and the interviewer.

Vanilla disses the interviewer and freakin' EMINEM! LOL!


OH Man! The damn murders left Newark, NJ and went to Chicago. There were 40 people shot in 2 days and 4 of them died. SAD. Obama needs to clean up his home.


Help the Police, not F**k the Police! LMAO!

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Please, wanna be radicals, its humor. Don't get your panties in a bunch.



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