Hip-Hop Rumors: illseed is tired!!!!!!!

Today's rumors are sponsored by DJ Envy, who actually made me have to work after publicly announcing my day off!

THE KANYE BIRTHDAY PARTY - A Celebration...people of color, women and others.


I'm thinking I'm going to take this Friday off. Then I get an email

from one of the AHH staff and they are like DJ Envy of Hot 97 is

talking about he needs me to work! Hey, hey, hey! Yo! Why don't you

give me a break, bud. In fact, give me some rumors! Now, after that, I

start getting all this stuff from people that went to the Kanye party

last night. I'm still trying to find out who won the whole contest.

Anyway, I heard just about everybody was in the house. I mean, I feel

like a sap sucker for getting roped into this when I was supposed t o

be taking off. Anyway, here are some notes since I was hit with a crap

load of info.

I heard Jay-Z was there and floated on air all the way to the top of the Louis Vuitton store, where the party was being held. Diddy was there. Chris Lighty of Violator was there. Pharrell was there and I heard he was surrounded by a clan of colorfully dressed nerds. Mariah Carey. Lupe Fiasco was in the house. John Legend and Common walked around. Gabrielle Union was there. Egypt was in the place to be. Jermaine Dupri was in a car accident, but still made it there. The Clipse performed later that night. Kanye rocked for a few minutes and his mother was there loving every minute of it. Fab was there with his crew of dudes like Paul Caine and Freck Billionaire.Amanda Diva was

in the place. From what I heard, just about everybody that really,

really mattered was there.

Ok, well not everybody. Like, Bill Clinton

wasn’t there and neither was George Bush. But, Spike Lee was! Mr. Stephen Hill of BET was there! So was Diddy’s baby momma Kim Porter! Rhymefest was there and so was the Cons aka Consequence! So was Sir Bentley Farnsworth. Miss Info was informing. I even heard that Hiro Nakamura (actor Masi Oka) was enjoying himself. So was rock act Fall Out Boy.

There may have been more stars there, but that’s what I got. Oh yeah…if

you took any video or pictures of the affair, share with ya boy illseed!


for rumors, I didn’t really get anything back that was crazy, you know?

The line outside was manic and people snapped pictures as they saw

stars coming out. The lines going in was bananas and a lot of people

didn’t get in and were sorely disappointed. I wasn’t there. I heard my

girl Kendra G was there all the way from Chicago.

Cosmic Kev was there, but nobody saw QDeezy from Power 99. Better luck

next time and to the person that took a pic with Kendra…prepare for the

wrath of illseed! Any rumors – send ‘em! This means you Envy!



girl is trying to sue Akon, because the singer threw a 15-year-old kid

on her. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, this is what it is:

Abby Rosa of Delaware County, on whom the 15-year-old landed after Akon tossed him, said she has retained an attorney and spoken to the Fishkill Police Department about the incident. Rosa said she suffered a headache immediately after the incident; then blurry vision; and was

later diagnosed at a hospital with a concussion.


said the teen who was tossed and hit her didn't appear injured. But,

she pointed out, she was injured and doesn't have health coverage.

"Somebody is at fault and it's not my fault," she said. "I definitely want an apology from Akon."


think the girl that Akon dry humped into going to Jesus and this boy

that he threw like he was a baby doll should get together and date. I

mean, he’s 15 and she is 14 or 15. They need to get together and stay

the heck away from some Akon. Anyway, Akon hasn’t been formally charged

in the matter anyway. Keep it gangsta, kid!



Hilton is out of jail as you all know. And you all know that is some

absolute BULL-S**T. You know what? There is no such thing as justice.

She didn’t even have, but a couple days to do – a lil’ skid bid.


heard Kelly Rowland is performing at a gay club in the UK. Scared,

Kelly? Come to the US for some straight men! (Kidding!) I also heard

she did a performance at a club called Movida and rocked for Nas,

“loads of UK celebs” and even Enrique Inglesias and Terri Hatcher.


of the UK, A white middle-class blonde girl named Emily on the hit show

“Big Brother” was given the boot for using the N-Word.

Jin is a nice guy, but some dude named Iron Solomon really took him out in a recent battle.

Maia Campbell was spotted in Los Angeles looking good, but reportedly in need of rehab.

I heard that Beyonce started crying at the end of a song called “Flaws and All” at Wembley Stadium.


Was this a message for Justin’s ex – Britney Spears?

I THINK SHE’S CRAZY? Another jab at Brit? Timberlake covers Gnarls Barkley's “Crazy.”


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