Hip-Hop Rumors: Illseed's So Hood! Suge's Nemesis Talks! DMX In Court Vid!


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Hip-Hop Rumors: Man That KO'd Suge Knight Speaks!

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Rumors has it, Nelly got his wiggery pushed back. Nelly has been putting out some pretty hot music (I like the Fergie song, what can I say!), but that hasn’t stopped the brass at Universal Records from pushing back his Brass Knuckles all the way to August 19th. Well, I think they had to put some distance between Nelly and The Game and G-Unit.

In other Nelly rumors, I heard he has given up strip clubs.


Supposedly Uncle Murder, the BK rapper, caught a case two nights ago when he was arrested at Los Angeles' LAX airport. Murder allegedly tried to get on a plane using a phony form of ID. He was in line and was plucked out by police once the presumably fake ID came to life. He has since been released. I don’t know who over 21 uses a fake ID at an airport, but that doesn’t work in the era of Illuminati.


The man that KO’d Suge is looking like he might be getting paid for the rematch!

Suge Knight and his new nemesis might have the chance to fight live on pay per view. It would seem that several Vegas promoters are vying for the chance to put this on TV for something like a million. Will this happen? I would say that it’s doubtful.

Just see the video below:

Here is the second video, where he talks about his presumed gang affiliation.


Shout Out to the homey Ryan, who doesn’t have a really cool rap name.

Not Again! Pretty Ricky is about to come back out, minus Pleasure P and plus a new person.

Bout Time, Babygirl! A full, all-out movie about the life of Aaliyah is on the way. Keshia Chante, a Canadian singer, has been blessed with the role.

Endless Love: Papoose has a new song proclaiming his love for Remy Ma and other ladies in his life. Click here to listen to it. Lionel Richie & Diana Ross can’t see Pap!

He Invented The Remix: Amanda sent me the remix of Bill O’Reilly’s rant. You have to see it, Bill cussin up a storm to a beat!

The Game & Africa: The Game says that 50 Cent didn’t get his chain back in Angola. His opinion. What was funny is he called the man “an African Ridah.” LMAO.

Dropped? I heard that Cassidy has been unceremoniously dropped from J Records. I don’t know. Just delivering the rumor.


SOMEBODY CALL PETA! Hell, call Mike Vick! He’d oppose what this dude allegedly did to a pair of dogs.

According to a Florida report, a pair of black-and-tan German shepherds have been taken from the custody of a Palm Beach man and given to animal welfare workers. WHY? The man allegedly and repeatedly performed sex acts with the animals. The man lives in an apartment with his mother and has yet to be charged or arrested. There will be a hearing on May 29 to see if he can keep the dogs in his nasty possession.

It’s not even a felony to screw a dog in about 20 states. SMH. This definitely redefines the term “Doggystyle.”


This Just In: Charles Barkley Owes The Wynn Casino over 300,00 Bucks!

Sources are saying that Charles Barkely is in a massive amount of trouble with Wynn Casino's in Vegas. Allegedly the former NBA star owes the casino $400,000 in unpaid gambling debts. How did this happen you ask? Well it seems that when you reach a certain status different casinos let some people gamble on credit, which is exactly what Mr. Barkley was allowed to do. The only problem with credit is some mofo's don't pay back there debts... such as the case here! Sources say that the Wynn has taken a lawsuit against Charles to get there dough back! Damn Barkley it's like that I guess T-Mobile execs must be raping you as far as endorsement money from those t-mobile fab 5 commercials huh!

Just in Case You Missed It....Lil Kim Gets A Payday in Court

Seems like Lil Kim may be able to buy back her repo'd vehicle a little sooner than she thought peep this via the horses mouth aka AllHipHop.com (so yall know it's legit :-):

“Lil’ Kim notched a victory in court yesterday, when a judge awarded her $500,000 dollars over an unauthorized DVD released by former cohort Lil’ Cease. Lil’ Kim filed the $6 million dollar lawsuit against Lil’ Cease in July of 2005, claiming the former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member illegally used her name and likeness to promote his DVD The Chronicles of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Part II: Reloaded.”

Can Lil Cease even afford to pay her that....no really not trying to be funny I'm dead ass!

DMX gets his day in court... But of course he was late! Check the vid

Friday Eye Candy For The Fellas:

Just Kidding guys........

I gave you guys one so illseed be nice and look the ladies out one time! Thanks

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

I hear Ciara and Ludacris may be an item.......Where does that leave 50?

Reggie Bush may be making Kim Kardashian his new business manager... Damn the power of the pu$$y. Another one bites the dust guys!

After looking at Kimora's pic without her face on....... Russ ain’t doin’ half bad with his yoga chick huh!

Ya'll need to stop stop playin like you wouldn't DVR Suge Knights fight if it came on Pay Per View!

That’s all for me until next time! Remember the more you say the less they listen!


My girl Tori LaLa is hurt and disappointed in Ludacris. Read below.

I can not even tell you how upset I am that Ludacris just canceled his Bumbershoot appearance for Labor Day weekend in Seattle. I'm taking it extra personally since he canceled three concerts in my hometown in 2001-02! What's even more disappointing, Luda usually headlines Kube 93's Summer Jam concert at the end of July up in Seattle. When it was announced that Ludacris was going to be performing at Bumbershoot, a festival held less than two months after Summer Jam in the same town, the Kube event staff went into overboard mode to try to find someone as big as Luda to headline their annual event (though I *heard* it might be worth the stress). Now, with Luda out of Bumbershoot and Summer Jam, the Pacific Northwest is nearly guaranteed not to get their annual Luda-fix for the summer! That's just really disappointing on Luda's end since many of us make his concerts a summer tradition.


This is really funny and dope. Balitmore producer Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir remixed Young MC into a club track! Young MC is the OG, but this is actually the best he has ever sounded to me. This is from the Delicious Gutter. Take Young MC and put it with Arsenio Hall and you can’t lose.


Happy Friday To All! I’m outta here! Headed to Florida!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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