Hip-Hop Rumors: India Irie Disses Gaga! Poor Teyana! Local Beef With Mims?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets…


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.




I've talked to this woman a few times on Twitter...was looking forward to her next NYC trip :-)...Come to find out she's got some ulterior motives. Her name is Kat Stacks and apparently she started a Twitter to meet and hook-up with celebrities and blog about it. She's got Bow Wow and Nelly, who was going off on her via his Twitter. Check out her blog here. Do we have another Superhead here??? Shouts to Karrine Steffans

If I remember correctly she started out as lady of the night...or at least a pimps girlfriend. She actually has a pretty interesting story and since she say's she's already receiving book deals I'm guessing we'll hear it real soon.


My homey Raja Mukherjee hit me up the other day and let me know the folks of India were not happy with a recent Mims show in the area. Check out this re-cap:

"The opening act was good. 3rd Degree and DJ Sa performed well and the crowd was feeling them. The anticipation was building. Finally MIMS graces the stage, albeit 90 minutes late. MIMS introduces himself to the crowd, drops the beat from “A Millie” and goes through a couple verses from “Like This” & “Move (If You Wanna)”. He then points to the DJ to drop a tune and lo and behold: MIMS starts performing “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas! MIMS follows up this with a poor rendition of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and if this show has not already hit rock bottom he introduces the crowd to…wait for it…Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”!...Boos start emanating from one section of the crowd and domino into all sections. MIMS moves into his only hit track “This Is Why I’m Hot” to quell the vociferous crowd. He announces that he is now going to freestyle. The DJ drops an instrumental track with a Notorious Biggie sample called “Bread and Butta” and MIMS spits out three verses pretending to freestyle (this track was used by MIMS as a promo for ‘Guilt’). We would be better off promoting unknown local acts and give them a platform to show their talents instead of wasting money on one-hit-wonder imports and watch them sing Beyonce tracks."

Uh ohhhhhhh


For her song. A new song by Illseeds ex, Kelly Rowland, called Smooches hit the net over the weekend. Problem is the song was supposed to be "IT" girl Teyanna Taylors first single. Apparently both ladies demo'd the record and Kellys version leaked before they could decide who would get it. Kelly says she won't be using the record for her album and Teyanna turned to her twitter to air her grievances.

Speaking of Teyanna check out what happened when she and Dorian from College Hill got caught on Kiss Cam at a recent Clippers game (that had to hurt):


Miss. Arie isn't happy with Beyonce & Lady GaGa's mini-movie "Telephone". She turned to her Twitter to air out her grievances accusing GaGa of pushing the envelope too far. You can see the full rant here (Part 1 & Part 2). But here are some highlights:

"I agree GaGa is being her image...I dig her creative mind but still there's a such thing a socially irresponsible."

"It's not long before someone does a naked video"

"There's an artist every 10 years who pushes the envelope...but it's about to fall off the table...when is it too far???"


I keep hearing "The Game" is coming back to BET but there are still some roadblocks since a lot of the cast have other jobs now and BET has yet to give them new contracts. HURRY UP!!!!

Neyo has "OFFICIALLY" started recording his new album ... We need that.

Gucci Mane is really trying to help some of his fellow inmates get their lives together and stay out of jail. Salute to him.

Vivica Fox was up for the role of Storm in X-Men...I'm glad they went with Halle.

Remember when I told you about Mike Tyson's pigeon racing show??? Well PETA is really upset about it and trying to get Animal Planet to drop the show. Also Brooklyn authorities are looking into whether the show violates local gambling laws.


Star and Bucwild are returning ... check out this trailer they dropped for their new reality show:

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