Hip-Hop Rumors: Irv Gotti Going To Def Jam? Cam & Mase's Best Friend Dies.


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Harlem world rapper Huddy Combs (no relation to Diddy) died yesterday in a car accident. Apparently he was driving on the George Washington Bridge with a female and his car hit a tractor trailer truck. He was dead at the scene of the accident. Diddy tweeted about it too. From what I heard, Huddy was a best friend of Cam and Mase from back in the days. He was the dude that got Cam’ron to the hospital when he got shot in 2005. He was also a rapper in Mase’s short lived group Harlem World. RIP.

”My man here saved my life,” -Cam'ron said.WAKA FLOCKA AND GUCCI MANE ALBUM?This has to be a lyricists worst nightmare! LOL! But, lo and behold, rumor has it Waka and Gucci are going to join forces and make an album together. I suggest that they add Soulja Boy and OJ Da Juice Man and really get it CRUNK! Anyway...that's that!IRV GOTTI IN THE RUNNING AT DEF JAM?

I am hearing some interesting news. I've been told by multiple sources that Chris Lighty was moving into the slot that will steer Def Jam back to the Hip-Hop side of things. But, there is a new contender according to rumor. Yeah. Irv Gotti. Rumor has it that Irv may be coming on board as well. I like this, because Irv has run a label before. He's also a producer too. The only thing is, I cannot, will on and don't believe it is possible for BOTH Chris Lighty and Irv Gotti to be in the building at the same time. Not to mention, Sha Money XL. As I told you, I heard Rick Ross is making a move to ensure his career doesn't get caught up in personal politics. RIRI CLEARS UP THAT “DISS”

I don’t know where this quote came from, but it was emailed to me. "Katy is my friend! I would never diss her. I don’t see her as my rival. My only rival is myself, because I always wanna get better and better. I meant all the producers, that give singers like Katy, GaGa or Ke$ha always the same kind of pop-songs. They think, for sure one of them will take it and make it a single. They don’t realize that everyone of us has their own style. I love Katy’s music! That’s why I wanna make a duet with her. We’re already working on it.” ILLSEED'S QUICKIES

Yeah. Rumor has it Tina Knowles and a man that really wants her. His name is Matthew Knowles. Rumor is, he wants to win her back!

This may be fact now that some time has passed since I first heard it. But, Lil Wayne is supposedly doing a video game to his I Am Not A Human Being album.

Speaking of Wayne, they say he’s already bagged a million dollar gig in Vegas as soon as he gets out of jail.


Yesterday, they said there were straight UFOs flying over NYC. Nobody in any official capacity could identify the 5 or so floating objects in the city. The Federal Aviation Administration was flooded with calls and they said they found nothing out of the ordinary. Hmmmmm....below is a video of it all. The video doesn't do that event justice as far as my readers told me.


The porn industry was struck a mighty blow from the back when one of the “actors” tested positive for HIV, that thing that leads to AIDS. They are running around looking for all the stars that worked with the actor. Neither the gender or name of the person has yet to be released, but this is going to shake things up FOR ABOUT A WEEK. This happened last month too with a chick.


I didn't even listen to this, but here you go.

HUDDY, WE LOVE YOU! RIP!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!