Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Cee Lo Green Quitting "The Voice"?

Cee Lo Green is rumored to be unhappy with his role as a celebrity coach on ABC's hit show, "The Voice". Cee Lo is very emotional on the show, shedding a tear in nearly every episode, and he may not be built for the harsh criticism that comes along with eliminating a fan favorite.

Cee Lo recently tweeted that he was "tired" of the show and sometimes feels like a "token." Check out his tweets below:

"I kinda wanna quit the show... I'm just tired at the moment... and sometimes I even feel like a token ya know?"

One fan then mentioned a previous interview in which Green said he would like to be a part of "The Voice" for many years, prompting the singer to reply, “I think I was lying.”

Green then admitted, “I’m under contract I can’t quit.”

The tweets were deleted moments later. Could this be the last season for Cee Lo, or do you think he will get used to the criticism and continue on with the show?