Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Cee-Lo Heading to Vegas? Reunites with Goodie Mob?

According to rumors, Cee-Lo is eyeing a permanent residency in Las Vegas! A painful back injury has been plaguing him for a while, making touring very difficult. So why not bring the people to him!?

Cee-Lo has already set up a series of concerts in Sin City as sort of a test run. If all goes well, his fans will be able to see him performing, a la Cher, a few times a week at some snazzy hotel. Is this cheesy or a major come-up for the Goodie Mob member?


Speaking of Goodie Mob, TMZ is reporting that Cee-Lo reunited with the Mob for a Super Bowl pre-party at an Indianapolis strip club and made it rain $10,000 on the strippers!

Sources say Cee-Lo requested lap dances from "the baddest b*tches in the club." Glad to see the Goodie Mob back together again. Hopefully they will haul their tails to the studio and crank out another group album soon!

Source: TMZ