Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chaka Khan Doing Drugs Again?

I didn't know that Chaka Khan had a drug problem until she was revealed to have served time in rehab with druggie Lindsay Lohen. Well, a few days later I see more on Chaka's issues, which she has been pretty outright with it. But, part of the story about Lindsay and Chaka was that the legendary singer actually left rehab early. Well, this leads me to the rumors in circulation over the weekend. Steve Harvey held his annual Hoodie Awards. Hoodie Awards? I thought they ended that, but they didn't.

Basically, a lot of eyewitnesses say that Chaka was acting rather strange at the Hoodie Awards, almost like she was high. The awards, held in Las Vegas, are probably ripe with debauchery all in Sin City too. The people that saw Chaka say she really acting erratic on stage and really didn't have a great show. Now, Chaka is a hot 60 year old, but 60 is 60. Maybe she was just having an off night and let her background singers do most of the heavy lifting. She's a legend and she's stated on the record that she deals with her health issues aggressively.

Look at Chaka from back in the day. Doesn't she look a bit like Nicki Minaj?

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