Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chief Keef Going To Jail?


The new arrest for Chief Keef could be a real live challenge for the young BUCK. Why? I am hearing that the new arrest on weed is a violation to probation or parole or whatever he's on. Word on the street is he may have to do more time. I also heard that these antics are rapidly wearing thin at the label level. If he continues to get knocked, he'll definitely do a longer stretch in the bing. Wait til the money runs out…

Here is something on the positive side if you are looking for a bright spot in life.


This is in NYC so if you are around, show up. I've been informed its a dope event and a dope cause. Its definitely a favor I feel good about putting in the rumors on behalf of one of the AHH principals.

THE 7th Annual - LIL RAGGAMUFFIN SUMMER CAMP is an international youth development organization. We are Entrepreneurs Without Borders. Our summer camp program seeks to revitalize a coffee-farming village in Jamaica by nurturing a community of youth.

Company Overview

Founded in 2002 by 19 year old Zebi Williams as a way to connect and contribute to her community. Zebi spent the year waiting tables, saving her tips so she could pack 3 trunks full of supplies and travel back to her hometown of Middleton, Jamaica to found the Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp. Zebi remembered her formative years in Middleton as some of her fondest, it was a world of freedom.

We serve youth ages 5-19 as part of a community; reinforcing the beauty of the existing culture and creating new ways of thought that are empowering for all. As the camper navigates through the 6 stages of our program they are encouraged to use their imagination, develop personal passions and skills, understand the meaning of teamwork, expand their world view through travel, undergo a rites of passage ceremony, develop business plans, create collective visions for their community, teach and lead those younger than themselves and lastly create economically viable businesses to build their local economy.

The 6 Stages of our program are :

The Launch Pad: Imagination Play & Community (4-5yrs)
Discovering Passions: Arts, Sports & Science Camp (6-10 yrs)
Skills Training (11-16 yrs)
Rites of Passage (17 yrs)
Junior Counselor/Apprenticeship (18 yrs)
Entrepreneur Incubator (19 + yrs)

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.



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