Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Christina Milian Involved with Someone from Young Money?

R&B cutie and The Dream's baby mama, Christina Milian, is the newest member of Young Money! Lil' Wayne announced the new signee during the Young Money pre-Grammy party last night, and Christina also tweeted, "Life is great... YMCMB", along with a photo of Drake performing.

Ozone Magazine founder Julia Beverly revealed on Twitter that Christina is "involved with someone from the Young Money camp." Check out her tweets below:

C milian was "involved" w somebody in YM camp so her signing is not surprising...not gonna put em on blast..but not wayne

people think it's random that she got signed. I'm just saying it's not. You'd be surprised who knows who & who's involved w who

Julia did mention that it wasn't Lil' Wayne, so who do you think it could be? My guess is Cortez Bryant, the super manager for Lil' Wayne, Nicki and Drake. He has a lot of power and influence on the label, and in my opinion, would be the only one who could get her signed. I just can't see Christina going back to dating an artist after her failed marriage to The Dream. Who from YMCMB do you think C. Milian is dating?