Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Donald Sterling's Girlfriend A Man AND Is He Gay?


Yooooo! The rumors are dragging all of this dudes trash into the street. Now, I don't know if you guys have been following it… Who am I fooling? Everybody has been following this! The dude that owns the L.A. Clippers organization may or may not be dating a tranny. First of all, I am not the expert on identifying transexuals, but the internets are better. People have been saying (clearly without evidence) that the woman that has been getting millions from Donald "The Alleged Racist" Sterling is really a man. Look at her:

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V. Stiviano is the girlfriend. And she is supposedly Black and Mexican, but doesn't look either in my opinion. She allegedly has over 100 hours of him talking racist apparently and this is all revenge-oriented stuff. She's going to bury this dude in ways we won't ever fully realize. So this rumor of her being born a man could have been concocted by her. In fact, there also is a rumor that Donald Sterling used to date a Black man. I'm thinking he's the kind of racist that still loved to impregnate defenseless enslaved women back in the day.

A tranny scorned...

(For the record, I don't think she is a tranny. But, maybe she should date a dentist since the billionaire is out.)

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.



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