Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Drake Working On A Joint Album With Aaliyah?

Drake is not shy about sharing his love and affinity for late R&B singer Aaliyah. He even has a tattoo of her face etched on his back and sampled her on one of his albums. Well, we hear that Drizzy may be working on a joint album with the late star. Check out what he said about the possible collabo:

drake aaliyah tattoo

"Some special things. Great things man. Great things for music, period.

“You know it’s hard for me to ride around to a female singer because at the end of the day, you’re a man, but she always kept it so G with the writing and the melodies. It was something to ride to, especially when it was chopped and crewed. That’s when I used to love.”

Earlier this month, producer, Jeffery “J. Dub” Walker of The Hitmen tweeted that a posthumous Aaliyah album could be on the way.

“Just got great news today; the smash unreleased song called “Steady Ground” I produced on #Aaliyah is gonna be on her upcoming album:)” he wrote. There has been no confirmation from Aaliyah’s label, Background Records (distributed via Interscope) that the album is being produced.

It seems as if Drake is hell bent on doing a joint album with somebody... Rihanna, Weezy, or Aaliyah. Which one would you be checking for the most?