Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye Acting Crazy To Push Black American Psycho Album?

Vice magazine has an interesting theory on Kanye West's recent behavior. Basically, they are suggesting that he is acting crazy in order to promote his looming new album seemingly called "Black American Psycho." Only thing is...Kanye never said that. Here's what they say:

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix went off the rails? Back in 2010 the actor-turned-rapper fooled David Letterman (and the world) into thinking that he’d fallen off the track and ditched an Academy Award nominating and Golden Globe winning career for a beard, drugs and a lazy flow.

Except, they were wrong. Phoenix wasn’t who he claimed to be. He was still the same old guy. He’d just been exercising a lesson in extended method acting for an albeit average new film. With Kanye’s recent plethora of very public breakdowns, could he be heading down the same route?

Back last year a school kid convinced the internet that Kanye’s new record was going to be called Black American Pyscho. Although the site that the kid set up was later found to be a hoax, the unconfirmed name runs parallel with Kanye’s current persona. Is Kanye crazy? Or does he want everyone to think that he is? He announced in Paris that we can expect new material within the next two months. Could Kanye be setting up a hyper-characterization for his new record? Let’s take a look...

For the recent run of shows he’s been bounding about in a strait-jacket. I get that artists have to advance and Kanye wasn’t going to be wearing a pink polo forever. But, the transition from Yeezy 2’s to a strait-jacket doesn’t happen without reasoning. Kanye is a perfectionist so you best be betting your bottom dollar that he’s got a load of reasoning bottled away for the return back to his indulgent, conceptual solo efforts.

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