Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kim Dragging Kanye Down?

YO! This is hilarious! But, I'm thinking there may be some truth to it. They said that Kanye's popularity has diminished many levels since getting down with Kimmie.

Kanye West's popularity has dropped by a staggering 66% in the time he has been dating Kim Kardashian, new figures have revealed.

The 36-yearold Grammy-award winner has lost a huge amount of fans since he became romantically involved with Kim, 33, with whom he now has a baby daughter.

According to Q Scores, a US website which is regarded as a realistic measure of popularity and likeability, Kanye originally had a high score of 17 among women aged between 18 and 49 before he and Kim began dating in April 2011.

But since his romance with Kim, Kanye's score - which was a 19 among men aged 18-34 at its highest - has now dropped to a lowly 3 in the women 18-49 category.

The results are also even more shocking when it's taken into account that an average hip hop artist should have a score of between 12 and 18, while a regular male celebrity should score between 14 and 19.

It is believed that Kanye's romance with Kim, as well as his various public clashes with the paparazzi and fellow celebrities, have contributed to his fall in popularity.

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