Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Ma$e Signing With MMG?

Well, well, well, it looks like Ma$e may be making another comeback to music after all. Earlier this week, we reported that Ma$e was in the studio with Omarion working on some new music. According to several sources, it was Rick Ross who brought the two together in an effort to sign Ma$e to his MMG label.

An insider within Maybach Music Group told The Source the following information:

"Yes, I think its safe to say Omarion is MMG." As the Maybach Music empire continues to evolve, it may not end there. Seems as if there is another offer on the table, I don't want to let no cats out the bag but we'll see what's good with Ma$e."


When pressed about what the roster may look like in the upcoming months, "As far as newest members Omarion and shout out to Ma$e if he wants to get down with this movement then we'll see what happens."

With Kanye West using two Ma$e lines in his new smash "Way Too Cold" ("TheraFlu"), it's pretty safe to say that Ma$e is a hot commodity right now. He IS your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, after all. Well, at least he's Kanye's self-proclaimed favorite rapper.

Do you think Ma$e on MMG is a good look?