Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Minaj Cooling Off?

AllHipHop Staff

I'm not the one to bet against Nicki Minaj, but it seems like she's showing signs of cooling off. And, that's a relative term considering she's got stuff like reality shows and American Idol coming. But, recently her re-packaged album came in under the #20 mark. And, she apparently had a show in the land of down under, Australia, where people didn't show out even for slashed ticket prices. Then, people are saying that Mariah Carey, her American idol rival, sold out a larger venue just last week! Couple that with rumors of beef with Drake and Lil Wayne proclaiming his next album to be his last, stuff is looking crazy! Honestly, she says it was Wal Mart's fault, but I think its more like…we didn't know. I certainly didn't know she had an album out, even though I'm not the intended consumer. Here is the new video for those that it was intended for.

She didn't thank Drake in the song, I just heard. Interesting….

Don't laugh yet, Kim! That video has over 5 million views!

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I think Nicki has some more left in the tank!

Illseed, Out.



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