Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Serena Williams Starring in Common's New Video?!

Common and Serena Williams may be rekindling their romance....on the set of his new music video! The two exchanged flirty tweets on twitter today, that began with Serena professing her love for his song "Lovin I Lost" off of Common's latest album The Dreamer/The Believer. Common reciprocated by asking Serena to star in the music video for it. Aww, how cute! The song IS all about Serena and his love for her...why wouldn't it be her favorite?! Dude sounds soooo sprung on this track! On the track Common raps:

"How could someone you talk to each and every day/ that you about to marry/ be on they merry way."

No wonder Common got all emo on Drake, he wanted to marry Serena, where as Drake just wants to hit it and write a song about it. Take a listen to "Lovin I Lost" below and check out the tweet interaction between the two former flames.