Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule Gets In Trouble For Prison Interviews

Poor Ja Rule just can't get a break. After selling a measly 3K copies of his new album, Pain Is Love 2, we hear Ja is now facing disciplinary actions for conducting telephone interviews on his birthday.

Ja called two radio stations on February 29, his 36th birthday, to promote his new album and chat about prison life. Unfortunately, doing any press from behind bars without the warden's permission is against the rules. Once the other inmates caught wind of the interviews, they ratted Ja out and he was written up for misconduct.

Ja Rule's publicist is trying to take the heat off of her client and is asking that he not be punished for the interviews, which she claims were a surprise for his birthday. So much for that surprise! No word yet on what Ja Rule's punishment will be, but I have a feeling this won't be the last time Ja gets in trouble for speaking to the press.