Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule's Jamaican Patty Prison Birthday Lunch!

Happy Birthday, Ja Rule! For the first time in four years (because it's a leap year), Ja Rule is able to celebrate his birthday on its actual day -- February 29th! Unfortunately for Ja, he's in prison.

The folks over at TMZ have gotten their hands on today's prison menu at the New York State Prison where Ja Rule is serving his 2-year sentence for gun possession. Take a look at the grub Ja will be consuming today on what is only his 9th official birthday.

Ja Rule

For breakfast, Ja Rule scarfed down on some corn flakes. He had Jamaican patties for lunch, and tonight, he will be dining on turkey stew for dinner. Doesn't sound too bad for prison food.

Happy 36th Birthday, Ja Rule!
Source: TMZ