Hip-Hop Rumors: Jackers Migrate To LA But Run The Bay?

YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I heard a couple rappers have gotten got out there on the West Coast. But, its not LA like I said before. Apparently, the Bay is the new hot bed, as seen by the 2 Chainz jacking. But, I am hearing the wormhole goes deeper. I am hearing there is a massive crew of about 30-50 people out in the Bay area that is taking cats for their chains and stuff for basically being too flossy. Now, about a month ago, I heard there is a specific West Coast rapper that is known for being a tough guy that got beat down. He's got some ties to the Bay but reared in LA.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Warning To Rappers Out At The BET Awards!

I'm not going to reveal the name because right now, it seems that it may not be true. Either that or this is the biggest sweep under the rug move in history. My previous rumor suggested that rappers in LA may not be safe, but its really the Bay that's getting it poppin… My sources tell me that everybody in LA that needed to get paid, got paid so that there are no jackings in these streets.

Is this a return of chain snatching?

OC Gangsters are their names.



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