Hip-Hop Rumors: Jaden Smith Goes Ballistic On Instagram!

AllHipHop Staff

You can never fully know if somebody's Instagram is their own, but it seems to. Looks like the son of Will and Jada went OFF on somebody. But, nobody really knows why? I always took Jaden to be a bit of a softie myself. Apparently, that's not the case…

I'm not at liberty to repeat what he said, but it included him telling a female to drink certain bodily fluid. The rant was so out of line with dude, people actually think he may have been hacked. Not, the fake industry hacked, really hacked!

Anyway, the girl that he cussed out so terribly actually fell all the way back and said, "Let me shut up." So, this leads me to believe she may have come all the way out of pocket somewhere. I didn't bother to do the research on this, because it really seems stupid.

The Karate Kid….said, "JUDUKnow? BETTTA ASK SOMEBODY!!!"

Illseed, Out.



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