Hip-Hop Rumors: Jawbreakers and Sex Toys


I heard this yesterday… rumor has it Lil' Wayne's jaw was broken at a tour stop this past weekend. Lil' Wayne allegedly became involved in a heated argument with a fellow entourage member. When it was all said, Weezy caught a "left." I heard it all ended with the argument coming to blows and Lil Wayne receiving a broken jaw. I guess the dude didn't like the way Wayne was stylin' on him or something? I can't call it. More on this as it comes in, people.


I've been looking to see what's going on with Snoop and Lil' Wayne if anything. But there is a new song with Snoop and Jeezy and it seems that there are some cross words for the one and only Lil' Wayne. My man Jac Rippa asked the same question right here:

I just listened to a song by Snoop called "Wannabe" ft Jeezy. Well at first listen a unknown individual is getting dogged ( no pun intended ) by Snoop in his verse because said individual allegedly stated" F*&$* Snoop ". Well at the end of the song there is a 2 min Talk off by someone with a pimpish swag who sounds alot like Bishop Don Juan. The speaker then goes on to trash Lil Wayne for disrespecting the Doggfather. Though he never mentions him by name it is clear who he is addressing because he make references to the pictures of him and Baby kissing and also clowns him on thinking Trina was a real Bad B*#ch.


Pause. I heard 50 Cent is saying that he's going to create a line of sex toys for the ladies and even men that like vibrating tools that look like his tool. Pause. Anyway, 50 says that the thing is going to be the same size as him (pause) as well as be waterproof for the chicks or dudes that link to get down in the tub. Anyway, all of this came out in a recent issue of GQ. Also, Mr. 50 is set to release a line of condoms for men. Why not?


If you haven't seen it, check out the "Black Republican" freestyle by Memphis Bleek. I'm getting word that Bleek is preparing his next album and he's going to have a lot of well-known producers. I don't know if this means Just Blaze, Kanye and them… Anyway, Bleek's been playing Jay-Z's hype man most recently, but has received the official word. He's reportedly going to drop a new one in 2007.

Rapper Murda Mook has been quiet as of late, but I heard Mook has been signed to a label that Lil' Bow Wow founded. I'm waiting to heard the validity on this rumor.

R.Kelly recently turned 40 years old. Rumor has it, he'll be 50 before his child porn case goes to court.

According to E! Online, Jay-Z and Beyonce were over in the Dominican Republic looking for a house in a private community. They haven't opted to shack up yet though. Rumor has it, B wants that ring first.

Rumor has it, Jigsaw of AHH met Jennifer Hudson recently and she didn't know who the hell he was.

New York, that bird Flav dissed, got implants that took her to a 38C cup size, but clearly her weight gain has bumped her up to a D. Its all good, baby!


NAS ASKED! I used to have a big thing for Teresa Randall, because she was so pretty. She still is! But, she's recently partnered up with a rapper we used to hear on a regular. We asked, "Where are they now" and here you have the answer. Look at this, and realize that there is little doubt that Father MC and Teresa Randall are GOING TOGETHER…and might be pregnant? Lock down / padlock. Clink.


Read yesterday's early rumors by illseed and consider it a re-run!

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