Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Warns LL? Cassidy & Gillie Make Peace? Diddy Battles Mariah?


I’m really not trying to jack this quote, but I really don’t know where it originated. At any rate, LL and Jay have moved one step closer to a battled that would be the biggest thing since Jay-Z and Nas. So, here is the statement that Jay-Z released:

"I'll be honest if I wanted to go there, I just really go all the way out there. But I got respect [LL Cool J] did a lot of things. I don't like the way he's carrying it cause we coulda definitely talked about this. Or he coulda gave me a phone call... but I respect him as a legend in the game and he's gonna get a couple passes because of that."

I don’t like to see the brothers go at it, but if they are, this would be one to see. Sounds like LL has a couple more “passes” and then Jigga man is going to make a move.


When Beanie Sigel first came out years ago, I thought he would be the perfect heir to the Biggie throne. Now, I am hearing that the Philly rapper is taking my vision one step further. He is trying to get a role in the Notorious B.I.G. movie! Guess what I heard? I heard that Sigel is trying to play none other than the Notorious one. I don’t know if that’s likely to get greenlit, but it’s a nice gesture from the Broad Street Bully. In preparation, I heard Sig actually worked on the mannerisms, dress and physical characterstics of Biggie. On top of that, I heard his new album The Solution is hitting the streets this December.


I don’t know what the deal is, but Kay Slay is about to go all out, from what I am hearing. I heard that he has had some sort of a falling out with Dr. Dre, the master of beats. Now, I cannot really say exactly what the issue is, but it somehow relates to Papoose! Shocker! More on this later, but im sure it is sure to break someplace more important that me! ;)


This has to be the silliest thing I have every heard. Tim and Dre were just riding on Jermaine Dupri a couple years ago (PAUSE) and now he wants to battle his “daddy.” First of all, if we get Detox, the anticipation is going to make that go platinum the first week, its just going to be crazy. Here is Tim’s crazy quote.

Tim told MTV.com: "I gotta go against my daddy," he said Friday from the ABC studios in New York, where the super-producer is filming a guest spot for the soap opera "One Life to Live." "I call [Dr.] Dre my daddy. To make it be some talk, I gotta go against my big brother. He's my big brother. [Who are] the two quarterbacks? Peyton Manning and Eli? When they have to go against each other, it's like, 'Do I really wanna go against my big brother?' Dre is my mentor. That would drive people to the stores. Like, 'Oh snap, Tim and Dre!' That would be big. I asked Jay-Z who he would go against. He said, 'The only person I would go against is my other homeboy: my friend Eminem.' "

Oh, the same applies to Eminem/Jay-Z to a lesser degree.


Battles are usually reserved for rapper to rapper, but Diddy never played by the rules. He has issued a challenge to the most unlikely candidates in his ongoing promotion of Unforgivable Women’s perfume. Here it is:

Diddy told AllHipHop.com, “I put out a challenge to all of my female counterparts. I’m putting a challenge all the way out there. I got a video message I’m sending out to them too; to Jennifer [Lopez], to Gwen [Stefani], Sarah Jessica Parker that my fragrance is better than theirs. It is what it is.”

Mariah Carey has reportedly responded with the sonnery of the month with this comment in regards to Diddy’s challenge.

“I heard about this competition, and I wish Puff all the best with his new fragrance, but I think we’re actually appealing to different types of women. M by Mariah Carey is about being unforgettable, not unforgivable. It’s not about a ménage à trois or a one night stand, it’s for the woman who wants the man to fall in love with her immediately, stay in love, and treat her like royalty.”

Illseed thinks, “Jean Grae, Lady of Rage and Remy Ma need to do some perfume so we can make the battle fair.”

Here is the video ad of the challenge:


Mike from South Philly hit me up and let me know the science on the Cassidy and Gillie situation. Now, you may or may not know, but this two have been beefing lightly, but its mostly been on the internet as far as I can see. Cassidy was on 100.3 the Beat in Philly yesterday on the Kobey Kobe show. The station was trying to resolve the beef between the two titans of Brotherly Love. They were trying to get Gillie da Kid on while Cassidy was there, but he called in too late. From what I heard, they appeared last night to make that happen. They are suppose to be on the show tonight together to squash it. So I'll try and hit you up so let you know how it goes. Philly has a lot of murders already this year and a peace treaty between these two would represent a lot.


All of a sudden, I am a Gucci Mane fan and the guy disowns his own CD, Trap-A-Thon! I guess Gucci Man is trying to be Gucci CEO.

“It has come to my attention that my former record label, Big Cat, is trying to put out an unauthorized release of my music. Not only was this done with out my approval, but the music they are trying to release is unfinished and does not represent who I am today as an artist. I ask my fans not to support this release and instead wait for the official GucciMane, Back To The Traphouse album coming out on my label So Icey Entertainment/Czar/ Asylum/Atlantic Records on November 13th, and if anyone needs to book me for a show or get in contact with me they should only call the So Icey offices.”

I get it…let me call Icey!


I see J. Holiday and camp have realized the way to get it popping! You have to have some sort of high-profile romance. It has to be fun, especially when you scoop up the ex of an even bigger star. Holiday has been linked to Jessica White, the model chick. Jessica White is hot and what’s funny is she used to date John Legend – allegedly. Way to go J. Holiday!


You know, nobody gets it like the nanny. I am hearing MiJac has married his children’s nanny. Now, rumor has it the King of Pop went ahead and did the deed in Las Vegas. How they did this without somebody catching a vid or something is beyond me. 40-year-old Grace Rwaramba is the rumored new “Billie Jean.” They say that she stayed by Mr. Jackson’s side through all of the drama and child molestation accusations. Hopefully, three’s the charm for MiJac! Oh, his people are saying that its not true. ;)


There’s always reasonable doubt when it comes to any rumor. So, click here for the latest on the DJ Khaled crap rumor. See below (I didn’t edit it).

I strongly believe that the Dj Kahld rumor is False. I was in Diamonds that night and from what i saw there was no alterations that night accept for two females fighting outside when the club was letting out. Now i was not standing next to Khlad, he & Fat Joe were standing towards the front of the club right in front of the stage. I was more in the back of the club in front of the barbershop next to Udonis Haslem, and Antoine Walker. Now Diamonds security guards don't play, matter fact they don't have security guards they have off duty police officers. If somebody was to slap Khald or chin check him (as we say down here). There sure as hell would be some commotion. and that night there was none.


I know Rae said, we’d get it when we’ll get it, but this is starting to frustrate me. 1) There are so many albums in waiting (Joe Budden, Dr. Dre, etc, etc) 2) The rumors are now saying that the album is finished! The only thing is I hear that Rae never actually signed to Aftermath and now Dre’s main priority is now Detox. I’m not sure what the devil is going on, but I just want to get my Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.


Yo, maybe I had too much Cap’n Crunch yesterday, but Murder Mook is alive and so is Young Miles.

Miss Jones and the crew are mad funny. Here, they interview Usher, but he manages to keep his coolio.

The blogs have analyzed the Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa and they have concluded that Pep had a bit of a nose job.

You know the word spreads fast that that Jay-Z album cover is probably a fake. It was a great fake though!

Free going to the Roc? Duh, that’s a rumor that went into hibernation for about four years and decided to wake up yesterday. Time to go back to sleep.

Actress Vivica A. Fox has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor D.U.I. I’m telling you, she is going to get that GM contract back in no time!


I got this from Jigsaw, who got this from Adisa Banjoko. So, for the people that didn’t get the message from AHH Week 2007, here is another facet of Hip-Hop you should know about. Hip-Hop Chess. They get it in on the rap tip and RZA kicks a freestyle were he raps about slapping the teacher that miseducated Lauryn. I feel you, RZA!


I think that the rap game has done a disservice to the brothers of Camp Lo. Check out this new freestyle.


First the good news. Mychael Bell, 17, was released from jail today to a bevy of supporters after serving over 10 months inside the belly of the beast. Bell posted Mychal Bell $45,000 in bail. This is a great stride forward considering all the protesting that was needed to get this far. Still, Bell faces juvenile charges since the State appears to have a vendetta.

Shout out to David Bowie for giving $10,000 to the legal defense of the Jena 6.

This is the bad news. This is terrible news, but Nailah Franklin has been found dead in a forest. I really thought that the authorities would find her safe and sound. I was wrong. There is still a sliver of hope, because the cops haven’t verified yet. Here is the article.


Hey, I know there was certain business behind Olivia getting dropped, but I personally think that 50 Cent did her wrong. I guess my 2 cents don’t mean anything. Check out her new video!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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