Hip-Hop Rumors:Jay-Z & Beyonce Get In A Fight! Lil Wayne Attacked? George Bush Related To Easy-E?

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Why do I feel like I am fighting in a war like the warriors of "300"? If you are true to HIp-Hop, I feel like you are in this war with me. We HAVE to support each other in this war or else it compromises our own efforts. Check out this letter I got.

"What's up illseed. Where can I find a slaughterhouse cd? Mixtape. Something please. I love their music and I don't wanna do the limewire thing. I want to show support to that group. Plus u said they may have a new one. Damn I don't even have the first one. Please help."

This is not Slaughterhouse specific. It could be Slim Thug, Jay-Z, Drake or Nipsey Hussel. If you want to support these guys, go to iTunes, Amazon.com or a local record store! They need the sales! I thought Slaughterhouse should have done like 40k - 50k from all the people that knew of the group. Anyway....that's that!


Listen and you listen good...I am hearing a rumor that Nick Cannon is preparing an EPIC diss of Eminem. My sources told me that the husband of Mariah Carey went and did it. Now, nobody will let me hear the song, but they told me that the public is probably going to get a snippet of some sort and then the actual song later. So, of the snippet, all I know is that Nick is "going in" on Eminem dissing. I wish him luck on that.

Also, I'm wondering why Eminem looked past Rick Ross in all these battles. Because, Ross straight up called Em out, but Em only ended up responding to Mariah. I think M&M needs to get at the Bawse and see what becomes of it. In the meantime, we'll all just look forward to the Nick Cannon etherization. LOL!


Los Angeles Power 106 got an interview with Lil Wayne and radio jock Fuzzy locked Wayne down on the topic of Lauren London. Here is how it went down:

F: Lauren London. She fine.

W: Very fine. Sexy.

F: She very pregnant with your baby.

W: Very pregnant. Yes.

F: Alright, I'll take that as yes she's very pregnant.

W: That's not rumors.

F: That's not rumors. That's a done deal?

W: That's a kid. That's a child. That's a life. You don't hide from that. Nah.

F: So congratulations.

W: Thank you.


Anybody remember The Ram Squad? If you don't, don't feel bad. These dudes don't even have a Wikipedia page. For those that don't know, here is a bit of information. The Ram Squad was heavy in the streets for quite a few years, especially in the 90's. They were known for being very well connected to the streets of Philadelphia. Anyway, around 2003...the bubble burst. The FBI came down on the crew HARD. There was a relationship struck between Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino and Tommy Hill, a rapper from North Philadelphia. Not sure all of the details (actually, I am, but no need for all that right now.), but I heard that Tommy Hill is in the witness protection program after he cut a deal. I don't know exactly what that deal is, but I heard he's down south somewhere living a new life.


LMAO! The thought alone should have made you yelp in laughter, but the reality is much more sobering, kids. OK, they aren't exactly related, but they are in a different form. George W. Bush is actually from Compton, California! Now, there is scant information on this revelation, but my sources tell me...its true. One report stated that the older Bush and son DUBYA lived in Compton for a brief period in the 1940's, but I also heard that it was a lengthy stay. G.W. Bush's sister, Pauline Robinson Bush, was born in Compton in 1949, but she tragically died young. Anyway, Bush lived there before all the middle class Whites left. Then came Eazy-E a few decades later. Well, I heard that Eazy-E was able to make those moves in the 80's because of his standing in Compton and his huge donations to the Republican Party. Here is what Entertainment Weekly said at that time:

Eazy-E (above, a.k.a. Eric Wright, 23), jetted off to D.C. for — of all things — a ''Salute to the Commander in Chief'' luncheon in Washington on March 18. The National Republican Senatorial Committee sponsored the fete, which featured a speech by President Bush and drew 1,400 Republicans. Wright wore a black leather suit to the event. Why was the rapper and self-proclaimed former drug dealer invited? Apparently his donations to various L.A. charities earned him an invitation to join the fund-raising Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. And Wright's spokesman says the rapper ''really loves the President. He thinks he's a great humanitarian and that he did a great job with Desert Storm.''

I think Bush had a soft spot for, because both of them were STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!


I don't know why I am even bothering with this stupid rumor. Oh, I am going to just let Jay From Harlem speak on it.

Longtime reader first time writer. Currently I'm in Milwaukee but I was born and raised in Harlem, NY. During the late 90's I went to school at I.S. 195 and I guy by the Nickname "Webstar" was a grade over me. We were even in the same summer school class. All of us in the class traded basketball cards all the time. I believe he had to repeat 8th grade. A couple day of weeks ago I saw an article where he was tAlking about Jay- Z being too old and this article listed his age as 19 or 20. Currently I'm 25 and he was a grade over me so he should probably 26 right? I just thought it was ironic. I know it's the same person bcause my first year in high school he started hosting parties at the "Key" in the Bronx and I thought to myself he was moving up. He was always small hence the name Webstar. I just thought I should bring

this up to someone who might actually look into it.

Jay from Harlem


On the same note, I have seen the bare boobies of Amber Rose. I don't have all the pics to add, but they are supposedly being added to the flicks section. I just saw the boobies by accident, sorry Kanye! Somebody emailed 'em and I saw them. And they are MAG-NIFI-CENT! I have to give it to Kanye, I see why he stays with this girl. She's a bad mamba jamma! Just as fine as she can be. I can't post not-safe-for-work pics, dudes! Sorry ladies too!


For those that don't know Pepa used to date Will Smith. Well, she did and stopped, because dude wasn't thugged out enough for her liking. So, even thought she liked him and he was a good person, she passed on dude. I scooped this out of the Ill Community, but it is clearly from her book from a year or so ago. (On the low, you can call this label this the "Epic Fail of the Day," but out of respect for Pep, I won't.)

"I thought Will was really cute and we would hang out a lot on the road. He liked to take care of me and never let me spend a dime. He was that kind of guy, real generous. I remember when they won their first award, he asked me to go out with him afterward. He was so excited. We were walking along the street getting ready to grab something to eat, and he just gave this homeless guy $100 dollars." "I sometimes kick myself when I think about what could have been. He was so nice to me, but I really wasn't feeling him. I guess I couldn't appreciate a nice guy like Will Smith. He wasn't thug enough. I was attracted to thugs and hoodlums. Will was too nice to me."


Yesterday, I got the headline: "Reader's Digest to file for bankruptcy." I don't know about you, but the possibility of Reader's Digest dying is a sure shot sign that the world is ending. I mean, at least America. Reader's Digest is a staple of Middle America and Apple pie and all that good stuff. So to see it filing for bankruptcy is nuts. Bear in mind, filing for the big "B" doesn't actually mean it will cease to exist. It just means they have a huge debt that they want to shed. Anyway, I just find it amazing that something so near and dear to "the Heartland's" heart would even be faced with such an issue.


You know, this may not be Hip-Hop, but i think it is still important. Omarosa is going into the ministry. I wonder what got into her. I actually think she will make a good minister, because she was bold and forceful on TV. Now, I have to wonder if she is going to be one of those money maker ministers or one that lifts the veil off the game. I think she should have a talk with Ma$e. LOL. Anyway, just so you know...its official. Omarosa Manigault Stallworth is the latest student at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Video of her first day of school:


This is just brealing. Rumor has it Lil Wayne had a regular stop at on the America's Most Wanted in Arizona last week. Well, the tour busses all decided to ride though the hood. When they did, they were pelted with anything the people could find - rocks, bottles and other items. Somebody even licked a shot at the bus. WHY? They are saying that Wayne or somebody in the bus crew pulled over and scooped some of the hood's finest women and thought they were just going to keep it moving. These angry people consisted of local rappers, I was told. A 15 year old boy claims he got beaten by one of Weezy's bodyguards. It wasn't that type of party, lil' guy. LOL.


These photographers are just out of control. I am in the media and I just don't get it. They are like baby sharks!


Uh-OH! No shots fired, but something is a-brewing! Michael Vick supposedly wrote a blog for a well-known website! There was a big bruh-ha-ha over it and all that. Welllllll, the Eagles official spokes person is denying the validity of it. Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko was asked if the post of was real and he said “It is not I just asked [Michael Vick].” OUCH! There was a moment in the blog where Vick said that sitting in a jail cell did nothing for him as far as being remorseful. Well, that directly counters what Vick said on "60 Minutes." He said, it wasn't until he got to jail that he felt sad and remorse for it all. You know, I just have to SMH and question how many of these blogs are real. I really have to question the state of journalism period. This is illseed, over an over...never over and out. GO EAGLES!


R. Kelly has responded to the diss record by Trey Songz, "Death of Kellz."

“When you’re a king…I don’t get into the challenges anymore… What is an elephant gonna do when an ant or a fly lands on them? Those guys got some growing up to do. That’s something I would have answered 20 years ago.”

I'm not the biggest R. Kelly fan, but dude has a point. LOL.

I've seen the back of the Blueprint cover and I am very happy at what I see. I think this album is going to be the truth!


Shout out to Screwface Music in Camden, NJ!

I'll tell you one thing. Naomi Campbell is a fine woman, but seeing her cooch is just too much. It doesn't help that it all looks like she could have the same issues that Lady Gaga.

Iceberg Slim's life story is going to be a turned into a movie.

I hope my family loves me as much as Michael Jackson's loves him. Apparently, MJ actually has yet to be buried allowing family members to go an visit him to this day.

Tragedy Khadafi is still in jail. Sorry if I made it seem like he was out.

Did you all see that about 90% of all U.S. money has some trace of coke on it? Crazy!

Have you see the Drake pic that seems to put him in a compromising gay sexual position? It is clearly a bad pic, but pretty funny to me.


Check out this crazy video by Major Lazer! This mess is WILD!

Thanks to slangrap.wordpress.com!


The skinny jeans revolt continues, but this video is a bit more interesting that some of the others. Check it out.

Still, is this trend played out? I don't rock em, but it seems that those that do are going to and those that don't probably should just "do them" instead of constantly bashing those guys! I mean, that's them...


As I say every day, the views of Miss Mouth are hers and don't represent AllHipHop.com or illseed. In fact, I don't even watch the shows she watches.

I am on a “HOUSEWIVES” strike. I refuse to write anything about the ladies today.


Has anyone else been keeping up with CBS’s “Big Brother?” Why is it that the only person to ever get thrown out of the game, by producers, HAD TO BE THE SISTA? Damn Chima, thanks a lot! But I understand why she flipped out. This season of BB is totally rigged.


Shaquille O’Neal’s new reality show hasn’t even aired yet and the producers are already being accused of stealing. Author Todd Gallagher claims that his book "Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan” was hijacked.


Is Katherine Jackson filing a wrongful death suit against Dr. Conrad Murray? I really hope that this man didn’t have anything to do with Mike’s death, but my gut feeling tells me otherwise.



Singer Vanity is now an evangelist. You may remember her in the “The Last Dragon,” opposite of LEROY! (R.I.P SHONUFF)

She also used to be one of Prince’s old smash bunnies. I know that she had a really bad drug addiction but has managed to overcome that, which should be applauded. Besides why focus on a person’s past? What would we find if we dug into YOURS?



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