Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Calls Out Lil Wayne On Stage?


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My girlfriend Kelly and Jay-Z seem to love the UK. Well, I heard Jay-Z is doing concerts galore and didn’t disappoint on Saturday. Jay played Manchester last night and it was amazing, from what I heard. Furthermore he incorporated Mark Ronson, Wiley and Rhymefest into this opening acts. What got the crowd super-hype was when he brought out his little brother Kanye West. I heard they did about five tracks together. What was funny is Jay-Z made an error and called out “Mark Rogers,” when he meant Ronson. Everybody got a big kick out of that, I heard. He later corrected himself.

Here is my theory on Jay-Z and Wayne. I believe Jay has been playing chess with Wayne from Day one and what I am about to say next may lend credibility to that.

Now, during the concert, Jay breaks into “Dirt Off Ya Shoulder” and drops verse three acapella. Something odd happens. Nomally, Jay would say, “I drop that Black Album then I back, out it, As the best rapper alive, n***a ask about me." But, he didn’t say that. From what I understand, Jay-Z said, “I drop that Black Album then I back, out it, As the best rapper alive, WEEZY ask about me." Immediately after that, the “A Milli” beat dropped and Jay does his “A Billi” rap. Hmmmmmmmmm….thoughts? THOUGHTS, PEOPLE!


Here is a bargain deal for any rapper that has $10k floating around. DJ Vlad is selling an exclusive Lil Wayne verse, with the pro-tools file that has 4 layers of vocals. The price is $10,000 firm and not a dime under. But, its WAYNE! They had three verses and sold off them for for the same amount. The only thing is, you can’t augment the verse at all, because it is finished.

For more information go to myspace.com/djvlad


Russell had an event over the weekend called "Art For Life" in East Hampton. The stars came out.

People are saying that Russ and his ex are just fronting. Thoughts?

Rosario Dawson is so regular. You have to love it...no, really you HAVE to love it. Just look at the kid.

Nick's trying to send a message or something?

Nas and Kelis - my N-Words!

Ice-T is still the dopest, flyest, O.G. pimp hustler, gangster player, hardcore motherf**ker, living today. (PS: If you don't know where that's from, you weren't there and that's OK.)


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