Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Gets A Lawyer?! Alfamega's Daughter Stabbed? 50 Cent and Ciara Together For NYE?



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Here is a doozie! A BIG DOOZIE!

Read this rumor that I just received. I didn't alter it at all.

On late, Christmas Eve, Two of Alfamega's children, were victims of a tragic altercation while inside Club Crucial. Reliable sources said, that this incident involved more than 20 individuals. His daughter was stabbed three times, which caused her lungs to collapse. His son received a broken jaw as he was punched in an attempt to rescue his sister from any further injuries. As news broke to Alfamega days later after being out of town for the holidays, sources stated that due to this tragic incident, it has been said that "2010 will be a crazy year".

I know people have generally come to loathe Alfamega, but I hope they are not targeting his kids. But they seem pretty old. I hope they can stay safe. We are too early in the year to be hit by death!


I know I have been out of the loop but don't hold that against me. I got yall! Just give me some time to get back on point! This is a rumor I just got, but its not so new. Ciara and 50 Cent reportedly spent New Year's together. Well, they definitely were in the same club, which was Pure. 50 was also there with boxer/friend Floyd Mayweather, but viewers think perhaps this was opportunity for them to spend some QT when it was all over with. They did do the red carpet from my sources.

Here is what Las Vegas Weekly had to say about it:

Standing next to boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, who obligingly held up a stack of cash, 50 launched into the first song of his roughly 45-minute set, "I Got Money." The pair played off each other throughout 50's 13-song tour through his hits with so much chemistry, Mayweather might consider joining the music man on his next tour. When 50 called out "I get money!", Mayweather held up his own pile of bills, fanning them out for all to see. It was like a beautiful interpretive dance, with Benjamins.

They said 50 Cent had crazy security and when his show was over, he disappeared in a circle surrounded by them.


Did anybody hear the Mysterious from Da Band had a baby? That's what I heard.

My homey, R. Jackson hit me up and told me that Bushwick Bill, Crunchy Black, Bonecrusher and even J-Kwon are about to be on a reality show showing their comeback!

Pac Man and Floyd Mayweather are reportedly working out the kinks to give fans what they NEED...THAT MARCH 13 FIGHT!

Leona Lewis reportedly took a big time tumble while trying to ride a horse. She's fine.

They have these full body scanners coming now to airports. The NWO ain't slick! I see what you all are doing!


If Jay-Z is Illuminati, the end is near! Hip-Hop in the Illuminati just sounds so crazy to me!

Here, Attorney Talib Kweli, ESQ defends Jay and Kanye in the court of public opinion.

So JayZ Kanye and Rhianna are illuminati now? Y'all need to step y'all conspiracy theories up.

Somebody prove to me that JayZ and his cohorts are illuminati. Besides images from videos and on Rocawear gear, specculatory internet stuff I mean there are real forms of systematic oppression y'all could be making You Tube vids about. For real. so, if you aint Christian or dont promote christianity you illuminati? I get it now. WWJd? I read Illuminati 666 Behold A Pale Horse, New World Order, the Matrix series etc. In college. Never met Rhianna. Met Jay a number of times. I KNOW Kanye. I ain't quite talking out my ass.


Derrion Albert was one of the low points of 2009. I hope you remember who he is, because he is somebody we should never forget. Here is the "sign." Another student from Derrion's class was killed just before the new year chimed in. 16-year-old Fred Couch was shot and slain outside of a convenience store of some sort. He went to Fenger High School just like Derrion. Surveillance cameras captured it all. The video is online, but we aren't going to post that out of respect. The people that killed him are in a white SUV. What is the world coming to!?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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