Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z & John Mayer! Run DMC to Reunite! Slaughterhouse Rumors!



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AllHiphop and Yung Texxus are giving away some Knicks Tickets. All you

have to do is listen to the song "Go Live" above and give honest feedback. When

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to AllHipHopRumors@gmail.com. (click here for the song.) I will send it over to Yung Texxus, who will pick a winner in the NY/NJ and surrounding areas! Thanks!

(Note: you don't have to say his song is the best thing since wheat bread either...honest feedback.) Lastly, click here to buy his new album on iTunes. If you need a dose of his overall style, a mixtape is below.

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Run DMC! Do you know them? They are just everything to Hip-Hop…that’s all. But, since the death of Jam Master Jay, the group hasn’t been together at all. Well it appears that the KINGS are all set to make a reunion at The Roots annual picnic event this summer in Philly. The picnic is all set for June of this year…

Check out this video clip interview of AllHipHop interviewing DMC and him talking about battling Run, Gucci Mane and skinny jeans!

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I don’t know when this aired, but it is not over for John Mayer. Oprah’s gonna get him (or got him). Mayer’s ex Jessica Simpson talked to Oprah about the comments he made in Playboy Magazine. She said that he hurt her when he said that her sex was like a bad drug for him. “Sexually it was crazy. That's all I'll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm.” John Mayer had hope that HE could get on Oprah and repent, but it would seem that Big O turned the script on him…or is that flip the script? Anyway…don’t think this is the last of it!

Check out Jay-Z and Johnny boy prepping for the show in MSG. Last night Jay did his BP3 show there. This is from a new doc. SMH.video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!

What is wrong with people? I ask it repeatedly, because this world is foreign to me! Here is the latest SMH move some wackjob did. The police are called to a man’s house for an alleged domestic abuse case. They think they are going there to see a man beating up his wife or something. No. Dude was beating on his damn dog! Michael Davidson of Jenison, Michigan was arrested for sodomizing a dog AND he still caught a case for domestic abuse. I guess the dogs are protected after all…go PETA! Davidson is in jail, because he cannot afford to get out on $30,000 bond.


Slaughterhouse. Remember them? You all may be wondering…what happened? I know what happened, but I will give you a part of it. The group was supposed to be signing to Shady Records, right? Right. Well, there was a big snag involved in that, because there are a lot of artists in the group and a lot of business ties. I am hearing they are still looking to make it all happen, but they just have to clear up some of the stuff. Make sense? I hope so. Anyway, Royce and Crooked I have a show in NYC at SOB’s next week. Maybe “we” can get some additional info after.


EWWWWWW! This is sad! Victoria’s got a big Secret that she shares with Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms. and the Gap! These mofos have been caught, reselling used underwear! The Today Show did the damage to the companies in an undercover sting operation. They said in some cases the lingerie was even stained. Fam, we gotta do better. I hope they do some “cleaning up” or I am never going to shop at these places again. Wait, I don’t shop there anyway.


I don’t know, Jay. The New Jersey Nets are the soon to be the worst NBA team in history. But, my boy Sosa told me they are sinking even lower. The Nets – in an effort to sell tickets – are offering to do peoples TAXES for free of the come to the games. LMAO! FAIL!

I don’t know if you are aware, but Keyshia Cole had her baby boy.

Lord Superb charges that D-Rock, Junior Mafia’s heavy and Biggies friend, punched Ghostface in the face over Lil Kim. The video is floating online.

Stop sending me MP3’s and stuff. This “contest” hasn’t even started yet! I will let you know when to send the music and stuff! Until then…send me rumors!

Recently, there was big deal made over T.I. getting on twitter, but I am hearing it is 100% ghostwriting…or ghosttweeting.

I keep hearing 50 is working on a new CD, but what I am seeing is him switching over to acting.




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