Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Links With Stringer Bell, Mary's Wig Is Back! 50 Cent Day

ATTENTION: Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan will address issues within the Hip-Hop community during a…


Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan will address issues within the Hip-Hop community during a private, invitation-only brunch for hundreds of music industry professionals this weekend in Atlanta.

The event, which is sponsored by AllHipHop.com, is scheduled to take place at 12 p.m. on Sunday (Oct. 14) at an undisclosed location in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss "The Evolution of Hip-Hop" and the overall direction of the music industry.

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I have some other positive news to report – live from Atlanta! From what I have gathered, T.I. and Ludacris have officially deaded their long-running beef with each other! This is great! I mean, I enjoy a good lyrical scrap, but this was dragging on. Last night V-103 & their night jock Greg Street set the weekend off with a free concert. The concert featured Yung Joc, Boyz N Da Hood, Jeezy and CTE, Luda and DTP, T.I. and Grand Hustle, JD, Big Boi of Outkast and more. But the highlight was the moment came when T.I. and Luda stood side by side – IN PEACE! This is great news.


We all know about J-Lo’s twins, but I heard that her moms was really in the diz-ark. Yeah, so while we were yappin’ about how J-Lo was going to drop a load, her moms wasn’t getting any of the info. Why wouldn’t J-Lo tell her own mother about her baby? I heard that her mom was really applying pressure on her and Marc A. to have a baby. She was allegedly so obnoxious that J-Lo and Marcy, I mean, Marky cut her off. Now, that it's all out, she still doesn’t know – not from her daughter!


I heard a lil’ story. The new round of reality shows is going to be poppin,' but one in particular is going to be crazy. I heard that on the new Salt-N-Pepa reality show, they will reveal that Salt has the eating disorder called bulimia. Bulimia is when you eat and then purge by throwing it up. I don’t know for sure if this is the truth, but it’s what I heard. With a name like Salt, I would expect her to be fighting high blood pressure or something. OK, bad joke.


I was told this by somebody close by, and I cannot reveal my sourcing, but it was somebody in the BET building. Rumor has it that after the BET special “Hip-Hop vs America,” there was a lil’ difference in opinion. Well, I heard that afterwards, Nelly and host Toure were having a post-show discussion about the show. Well, somehow the topic got to Nelly and the infamous credit card swipe and the big booty. I heard that the conversation went left when it should have gone right. Toure didn’t really appreciate the nature of the talk they were having and I suppose the feeling was mutual. Before anybody knows it, these guys are face to face looking like they are going to fight, I heard. You know how it used to be when you were face to face, but nobody really wanted to throw that first punch? That’s what I heard it was like. The only thing is, it was looking like if something happened, Nelly was going to smash poor Toure – that’s the notion. Anyway, anything that could have been was avoided when people nearby broke it up.


Um, you know, if I don’t cover something, you can best believe that it’s in the news section. So, when people started sending me links from all over the internet about Joe Budden, I forgot to inform you that this was in AHH’s News section a couple of days ago. We busted that story. We're now hearing the Joey might be going to either Koch or Sony.

"I'm just happy we were finally able to cut all ties. I feel like I have all the talent in the world, but for some reason was never able to showcase it there,” Budden told AllHipHop.com. “I'm looking forward to whatever God has in store for me, and Joe Budden fans should know - today is a beautiful day."

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There were rumors that Mary J. Blige was going to push her album back, but that’s not the case. Mary is dropping November 27th as planned, but there won’t be any clashing with Mariah Carey, who drops this year too. From what I understand, Mariah’s wig actually got pushed back to December and now they are cool.


I don’t know how true this is, but a local station in Dallas reported that Diddy wants to make sure the Spice Girls come-back tour is a success in the US. Supposedly, he is paying for 8 tour-buses for the group and staff to travel in. I think there are other ways to ensure success like let me take care of Mel B instead of that dude. At least let me dance with her.


I’m beginning to think that Amy Winehouse doesn’t need to be famous. Or maybe she doesn’t need photographers chasing her all day. Here is a nasty rumor. I heard a magazine had set up a photo shoot with Winehouse. From what I gather, it was a very expensive affair. Aimster allegedly got there about eight hours late. After she got her make-up done, she reportedly ran to the bathroom. Amy is suddenly nowhere to be found. She left. She also allegedly left plenty vomit and blood on the floor and nearby walls. The next day…another shoot. She got there late enough to take a couple of pics then she went to the bathroom. Guess what they said happened after she went to the bathroom again? Get this child some help, please!! These rumors are starting to make me not like her music, because it's making me associate it with her (alleged) nasty habits/problems.


I know you “Wire” fans are ready for 2008, right? Here is the deal. First of all, I heard that “The Wire” is going to be back in January of 2008. Yes. The final season of what might be the best drama ever is BACK for the last run around the track. Stringer Bell is making a return sooner though. Well, actually…you heard this from me first. Idris Elba, who played Stringer Bell in “The Wire” also produced the intro to Jay-Z’s new CD. From what I understand, Elba has a band and they all constructed an eerie, dark intro that sets the tone for the whole CD. It sounds very “Scarface” with Elba doing the vocals with his deep British accent. Elba also stars in the movie. I might have to call my ex-girlfriend up for “American Gangster.“ DOPE.


I don’t know if you read the other interview with Grand Wizard Jay-Z, but he made some interesting comments about Kanye West and his thoughts on “Big Brother.”

AllHipHop.com: Can you speak on Kanye’s “Big Brother” record? I know you have commented on it before. But, it was praising you and also criticizing you as well. There was a lot said in that record. Do you have any opinion on his views?Jay-Z: I think it was brilliant, for one. Roc-A-Fella is tough love. His feelings are very understandable, because it’s tough love…nothing is given. There’s no free rides – none of that s**t. You gotta earn your way. You fail, you better get up so you can feel that. Those type of emotions [Kanye relayed]…for him to come out and say it, it actually brought us closer. [It was like] his true emotions. Everything on the song was true – it was true in his mind. That’s what made it great, because it was honestly how [Kanye] felt. AllHipHop.com: Is it all true from your perspective?Jay-Z: No. Of course not. We know everybody sees things differently. If I told you something like, “Carleen said I could buy two tickets,” you would think he didn’t get any tickets. He got four [tickets]. He wanted six. Its true, but…its really true. He wanted two more tickets, but if you heard that you’d be like, “Damn, them n***as ain’t give the n***a no tickets.” [room laughs] Come on!And [with] Coldplay – I introduced him! I gave him the number. I made the song happen. I did that. Like, [mimicking a phone call] “Coldplay, here’s Kanye. Here. [passing phone to imaginary Kanye]” Its great though, because its his truth. That’s what’s brilliant about him. It wasn’t no bulls**t – it was the way he felt.

Jay also talked about an uncertain future as a CEO…interesting.

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50 Cent has been a little too quiet for my tastes. Why quiet down now? I think he needs to get louder. From what I understand, 50 Cent didn’t really want to drop Curtis. From what I understand, he wanted to release Before I Self Destruct first. The only thing is there I this huge backlash on rap music this year and he didn’t feel it was a good time to drop a super grimy Hip-Hop CD.

Anyway, I’m off course. Bridgetport, Connecticut Mayor John Fabrizi has seemingly declared Friday "50 Cent Day". 50 Will get the key to the city and they will also have a formal ceremony with Curtis the 3rd. 50 is also going to give a significant monetary donation to the Hall Neighborhood House, a non profit inner city group. Lastly, 50 will be speaking to about 30 kids. Nice.


Shout out to Martin Berrios on this interview with Pimp C. The Pimp Master is giving you the 411 on the rumors between him and Jeezy. Also, he revokes Mobb Deep’s Southern pass. With P in jail, I recommend Havoc get behind those boards.

I don’t really understand the notion of a Hip-Hop Civil War, considering the love we have for the South. Divided we stand, divided we fall, but here is Pimp talking about Mobb Deep:

Pimp C: I don’t even know who them niggas is, f**k them ni**as! What I will say [is] this. If I don’t know who you are and I can’t identify with you then f**k you, but at the same time if ya’ll want to start a civil war it ain’t nothing. And I’ll be the first one to say this, if it do pop off between the East and the South or any other muthaf***ing coast against the South, I’m standing side by side with my comrades down here. I’m standing side by side with Atlanta, with Jeezy, with Ludacris, with Lil’ Jon and everybody else. 

On Jeezy:

Pimp C: Well let me say this. First and foremost I’m a Young Jeezy fan, that’s the first thing. Second is I read his interview and you know I was impressed by the way he handled himself in the situation with the sh*t. As far as I’m concerned I don’t have a problem with Jeezy. As far as that Atlanta thing is concerned what I should have said was that it’s not the ni**as from Atlanta that ain’t the South, it’s them ni**as that move to Atlanta that ain’t the South. These old out of town ni**as just transplanted themselves into the city and turned [it] into something it ain’t. But the ni**as from Atlanta is some real ni**as. Maybe that’s what I should have said when I made that statement. There’s no doubt in my mind and there’s no doubt in everyone else’s mind Atlanta, Georgia is the South. I’ll say it again, all the people that bought my records, all the people that support UGK we riding with Atlanta. If it was ever a civil war to break out I’m riding with Atlanta.

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This is a lil’ strange to me, but I am sure there is some fact in it. I heard that Mos Def has signed on Downtown Recordings. I didn’t do any research, but I think they also work with Gnarls Barkley. Anyway, they are working on a new album to be released in 2008. Shout out to Mos even though MC Hammer sold 10 zillion more units than he did!


You ever heard or seen Keke Palmer? She is a cute girl that played in Akeelah and the Bee. Well, she is also a singer that’s recently released an album. We interviewed her here.


Well, there are some other things going on with her, we’re hearing. According to Playahata.com, Atlantic Records attempted to position the young star as an updated version of Lil’ Kim. Palmer is a mere 14 years old. Obviously, this is allegedly, but Palmer and her mother are making these claims.

One expert told playahata.com, “Keke Palmer is the poster child for what’s wrong with the music industry. Imagine being 12 year’s old and Atlantic Records trying to mold Keke in the mold of Lil Kim or Foxy Brown.” The problem with the corporate hip hop machine is more than black and white. Unfortunately white America enjoys seeing and hearing about cultural misogyny, sex and violence. They honestly believe black America is the mix of lyrically challenged artist they promote. The industry spin on Keke is nothing new. When you fail to promote or market a new artist they often fail. If Keke recordedad Jibb’s type “Chain Hang Low” or say a Plies’ “Shorty” BET and radio would be all over it. In my eyes Atlantic Records for now has simply passed on one of the most talented artist to come around in decades. Keke Palmer is no one hit wonder



You all know that Big Moe had a massive heart attack. You also know that he’s been in a coma since and all of his fans, family and friends are concerned. Well, I have consistently been hearing that Moe has passed away. Now, I have basically dismissed the rumors, but they are getting stronger and stronger. Hopefully, we’ll see some progress from Moe, or at least relief from the rumors.


In addition to The Lox, I heard that Jay-Z has signed Jadakiss to a solo deal.

Did Chris Brown have a baby? Well, no. But did a girl have a baby by Chris Brown? Hmmmmm…

I heard that Bizzy Bone and the rest of the Thugs finally reunited. Now, Bizzy can stop roaming Cleveland aimlessly.

Bobby Brown says he didn’t have a heart attack, he was rushed to the hospital for a check up. LOL. (His lawyer says he had a mild heart attack.)

Shout out to L-Dogg. Snoop Dogg will spend 160 hours picking up trash at an Orange County park. Why? This is one of the conditions of a gun conviction from last year. I hope he doesn’t have to clean up poop.

Saigon can sleep peacefully now. Prodigy officially went to jail for a 3.5 year bid on gun charges. But you know this, because I told ya!

Infamouse Mobb featuring Prodigy:


These people are going to drive me up a wall. All the noose cases that are going on in the United States, you would think this was the 60’s or something. What’s up with the nooses, people? You want to start hanging Black men and women again. Usually when I point out racism some reader (White or even Black) is like, “You’re the racist, GUY!” Well, explain what’s going on now? Am I the racist when there are nooses poppin’ up everywhere from in NYC police stations to colleges to under trees in Jena, LA? Speaking of Jena…

Mycheal Bell, one of the Jena Six has been sent back to the slammer for violating probation. I know dude isn’t Rosa Parks, but it seems that they just have it in for dude without regard for how racist they appear. Al Sharpton said the overturning of his release was “revenge” and I concur.

Lastly, remember the Black female that was raped and tortured in West VA? The Final Call got an exclusive interview with her. Now, read her words and understand the complexities of what’s going on in the world.



This is the weekend of the BET Hip-Hop Awards and I am ready to get all the rumors I can get! So, whatever you have, let me know! We got the one about JT Money being wanted for a shooting. Next up! Who got next? Only time and ignorance will reveal!

Have a good weekend!


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