Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Off To Apple? New G-Unit MCs? Kanye Is BACK!


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First, there was the wacky year called 2007, my round up of stupid stuff.

And then there was Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B's Video, Roy Jones Fights Dogs?, Kim K Engaged To Reggie Bush?


I am sure you guys know this rumor isn’t new at all. There have been rumors about Jay-Z (and sometimes Beyonce) starting a new iTunes-like label with Apple for quite some time. I think they started right around the same time we found out Jay-Z’s contract with Def Jam was up for renewal. Anyway, here is the latest, which is actually old. They are saying that Apple and Jay-Z are going to make an announcement at the Macworld convention. Somebody called BGR has seemingly confirmed these label plans. Jay-Z and Steve Jobs together forever? I wonder if Bill Gates looks at Jay like he’s the one that got away. Anyway, this is what they are saying is going down. I guess so...but why not somebody like Bono, who is already Apples' bud?

JUST BLAZE CLEARS THE AIR (AKA "SPEAKING OF APPLE PART 2")Just Blaze takes a moment to clear the air about the rumor. He's fast!I had nothing to do with the Apple incident. Rumors had been floatingaround about the new laptops forever. What started as a miscommunication ended up getting twisted all kinds of ways. I've heard I was performing at an apple party, I was DJing at an apple a party, apple promised me laptops, they promised my whole crewlaptops... (i dont even HAVE a "crew") All kinds of madness. I DONT KNOW ANYONE AT APPLE, PERIOD. Save for a few people that work the register at the 5th ave store at 4am. If i did have some kind of thing going on with them, why would i jeopardize my own relationship with them, or a friends relationship with them? How would that help me? I'd normally just post this myself, but my blog is down for afew days until I sort out some technical issues. I mean really.. you think I'd DJ an apple party, get a bunch of free stuff... just to go and p*ss off Steve and Friends? No.. Thanks.JB

There was a bit of a post-Christmas rumor that I thought I would revive. From what I read, there are a few online reports of Just Blaze saying he had a new Apple Macbook…but they aren’t even out! Like jay-Z, they are supposedly making this announcement at the next Macworld convention. So, it is rumored that The Roots played at the Apple Christmas party and it was reported that Just told people that he was in possession of one…or was supposed to get one. Anyway, from what I understand, if he got one, he shouldn’t have said anything and if he didn’t…he shouldn’t have said anything either.


I told you I had some G-Unit rumors. Y’all act like you don’t want them, but here they are. I heard the Unit is getting some fresh blood and I don’t mean people getting shot. Rumor has it, Philadelphia's own Gillie Da Kid is the latest rapper down with the crew. The details are scant (and perhaps even untrue), but the source isn't a dummy. Gillie has been nice for years and he’s the dude that released the picture of Baby and Wayne kissing. Now, he’s probably going to make the best rapper’s life hell.

That’s not all. Remember we heard that Joe Budden might be going to G-Unit? Errrrrr – nope.

The block is talking about the possibility that Jersey City's Ransom has also signed to G-Unit for some good money. Ironically, Ransom was down with Joe Budden and A-Team. He’s been a little thorn in Joe Budden’s side. They both gave us what might have been the most meaningless beef between two dudes. (The female beef goes to Lil’ Mama and Young B.) We’ll SEE!


Here is the latest blog from Mr. West (G.O.O.D. to have ya back!).

Kanye: When I was in Europe I would play this game for hours and hours... it helped me zone out. Everybody would get envolved... Derrick Dudley (Common's manager) and Consequence were the best other than me... I beat Lexi... Don C beat Jay... Tony Williams beat Common... but every now and then people would speak of this legendary connect 4 champion........... BEYONCE!!! I had 2 play her!...so last night at Jay's new 40/40 club in Las Vegas (which is sidebar, crazy big w/ 24krt gold flooring, Black Jack tables, $500 slot machines,the biggest projection screen in the universe and the best turkey burgers I've ever had in my life) she beat me 9 times in a row! (and I didn't even spaz lol) here's a photo of the only game I won!


After the New York show, Nas performed at the LA House of Blues, like the last thing he did for 07. Nas told the crowd that they could pick the song he performed next and of course they said, “ETHER!” Nas said he “forgot” the lyrics and didn't give them their wish. Instead, he brought out The Game and Will.I.Am, who was on crutches for some reason. (Proably dancing too hard) How crazy is it that the BEP front man caught a major brick this year, while Fergie went on to do superlative things? Ah, who cares. I like Willie. Anyway, I wonder if Nas is going to drop next month still. Somehow, I don’t see it happening. I want to get a new Nas CD though. He’s the man... the N-Word Man.


Dres of Black Sheep fam just landed a deal with Fatbeats and his once internet-only album, 8wm/novakane, will be in stores on Jan. 8. Shout out to Dres!


This is what I want to see, some real dudes talking some real stuff. Check out the new video for “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.” Go Cube!


Check it out.



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