Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z's Coming Back! Mary Vs Mariah? Columbia to Drop Lauryn?


In a certain studio in mid-town Manhattan, recording engineers were working and working pretty hard. The artist? Jay-Z! Here is the deal. Jay-Z wasn’t actually in the studio, but the engineers were working on new songs by the BK don. My inner circle forces heard two songs before they were forced to depart the scene. The songs sound more like the “Blueprint” era Jay-Z and were described as “deep.” One song sounds like a bouncier version of Biggie’s “Victory” beat – whatever that means. Maybe this is Jiggas first foray for when he goes to Columbia with his homey Hip-Hop.


There is a rumor that I started hearing last week – that Ludacris and Gabrielle Union are dating. From what I heard since then, this isn’t the case. But what I find to be interesting is she is actually dating somebody close to Luda or in his crew. Who could that be? I don’t know, but I heard they don’t really stand near each other in public so they can’t be seen around each other. On the other side, Luda is obviously around the way so it appeared they wer together. When I find out who this mystery man is, I will reveal him!


I have decided to resign my yearly AHH Week summation to this new fellow Kiko Michaels, who is doing a blog on the entire week. So, if you want the play-by-play, click over here. He’s doing a pretty good job of letting you know the deal. Obviously, I am going to keep you up on the rumors that I hear.

So you know about the BBQ and what that was, you know, J Records, Polo Grounds, Hurricane Chris and Emily King. Cassidy gave the crowd a preview of what they would see at the AllHipHop Grand Finale Concert at the Nokia Theater on Sept. 21. That features Talib Kweli (best album of the year on the low) and Lupe Fiasco aka “The Cool” and you can get your tickets at the Nokia box office or Ticketmaster.

Venue: Nokia Theater

Address: 145 W. 45th Street @ Broadway

Time: 8:00pm, Doors Open @ 7pm

Ticket Price: $20

Shout out to Fonzworth Bentley! He hosted the art show at Nubian Heritage in Harlem. I wasn’t there, but I heard it was a beautiful event. Shout out to Sound of Art. If you don’t know, you can go see the exhibit all weeklong. Here is the info for you to check out the art.


If you hate 50 Cent, skip this section right here. I can’t ignore the rumors I hear so here they are.

Here is the new 50 Cent song off of some Vitamin Water mixtape I heard 50 is coming out with a Vitamin Water mixtape. You can here the song in the Media Zone.

50 Cent was all sent to head to Europe last week, but for a second there…there was a snag! I was hype, because I thought the whole G-Unit was about to be at AHH Week. We’ll still take MOP at the Breeding Ground at SOBS!

Anyway, 50 made it to the UK and I heard he wasn’t taking any precautions. For example, instead of taking a 6 mile trip on the British train, 50 paid a million British pounds to get to performance there. I’m not really mad at that even though it is a lot of money. I also heard from the UK mirror that 50 has “three helicopters, a fleet of SUVs and - amazingly - a team of ex-special forces” to make sure everything goes according to plan over there. Because he is doing so many venues in such a short period of time, the local authorities may block off roads to allow for Fif to move expeditiously from place to place.

When in New York, I heard 50 Cent let the Nokia Theatre extremely fast, because there were security concerns. The police were out in mass with dreams of headlines. I can’t say that, but that’s the rumor.

Here is 50 live at the Hardrock Café…Luda shows up for the “I Get Money” remix.

Did Master P just son 50 Cent? See below.


I was reading concreteloop and they said that Shar Jackson started crying after performing one of her own rap songs. The word is, the Celebrity Rap Superstar show she is on required them to write their own raps. Her rap was about her life after K-Fed and how the Paparazzi just wont stop snapping pics of her! She broke down and started to cry with regards to Feddy and Brit and evoked the feelings of him leaving her when she was six months pregnant. Look who he should have stayed with.


If Elephant Man and Diddy are going to work it out at Bad Boy Records, they are going to need to shoot down these rumors. There is a rumor that the Reggae don and the Bad Boy master got into and fight at the BB Headquarters. Nobody really knows what caused the alleged disruption, but they are saying the Elephant Man burst into the building unannounced. Then, he barged past reception and all people heard was a lot of commotion along with objects being broken. Then, “The Energy God” and his associates were allegedly booted from the office. The root of this alleged beef seems to be money, but Elephant Man hasn’t dropped his album on Bad Boy yet. I can’t call it.


Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey – LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! From what I have been told – both Mary and Mariah have the same release date on November 20. I’m told that the name of the album is called Growing Pains and she just announced it. Thing is…Mariah just announced hers a ways back. Maybe Mary is looking to get something popping off with Mariah.


You know all the stuff that went with that “I Get Money” beat that Apex did for 50 Cent. If you don’t, go over and read about it in the AHH Producers section. Anyway, Styles P has a similar record that’s pretty hot called “Stop Skeemin” and it uses a Milk Dee sample. Well, I heard somebody went and impersonated Apex AGAIN and Styles P copped the beat from the impersonator. The alleged fake should just use their real name, because the beat is hot. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

Click to hear it.


My homey Jye hit me with a few rumors and I thought I would share them with you.

Foxy ain't the only one

Well, it seems that Foxy Brown isn't the only woman sentenced to doing a year behind bars. A country singer named Mindy McCready is also sentenced to 1 year in jail for probation violation-- charged with battery and resisting arrests. Hmmm, and they try to make like Hip-Hop is the problem. Let's clean up country music too.

Britney Britney Britney!

I heard the American Idol team is gonna try and get Britney back on track. Hell, her VMA performance was so bad, I want to get her back on track. But anyhow, I heard a rumor that will be sad if it comes true; that Britney is gonna apologize to fans at the Emmys. That's silly, just suck it up and do better the next time. (I didn’t see the Emmys, but I don’t think she showed up. On the flip side, Brit’s song “Gimme Gimme” is kind of hot on the pop tart tip.)


Miami Heat star player Dwayne Wade had a charity event over the weekend in his hometown, Chi-town. My girl Kendra G (Power 92) checked in with me to let know who showed up and what went down! First the weekend kicked off with the "Young, FlY and Flashy Skating Party." Some of the stars that showed up included, 106 & Park's Rocsi, Quentin Richardson (NY Knicks), DJ Clue, Trina and Trick Daddy... just to name a few. And yes Trick Daddy made it to the party even though he got into a scuffle and arrested earlier last week down in Miami. Trick Daddy even hit the stage to do a little performance!

But According to my homegirl Kendra G. once "Mr. 437,000 CDs sold in the first day", KANYE WEST, made his way to the party it was straight mayhem! It seems like the Chi is really loving their hometown chart topper! It was so Kanye crazy the boy had to leave soon after he arrived!

The following night the party continued at the House of Blues in Chicago and of course what would a celebrity weekend in Chicago be without the "R" in R&B! That's right R. Kelly made his way out to party! But According to Kendra G. some of these stars' “significant others" should have made it out over the weekend because apparently their men forgot they existed by the way they were acting! And not to put all of the blame on the men, ladies stop trying to catch a guy when you know he has a woman at home! Respect yourselves!

DEHAVEN – Part 3

I don’t know if DeHaven is getting his goals accomplished with regard to mending ties with his old chum Jay-Z.


Is it me or does it seem like the case against Remy Ma might be a lil’ thin since they dropped the charges to assault.

Dougie Fresh recently visited DJ Semtex to promote a new YO! MTV Raps by Puma.

The UK Top 40 is in and Kanye is No. 1 and Curtis is No. 2. This was announced just today.

Speaking of Columbia, Lauryn Hill might get dropped from her long term label I am hearing.

Dame Dash has a new column in he NY Metro. I find that crazy!

Rihanna and Shia LeBeouf (the spazz boy in Transformers) are officially dating according to rumors.


Hell Rell knows and he’s saying that Cameron is working on a new mixtape! On top of that, Helly has a new clothing line called Hellbound Clothing. My clothing line is called Heaven-sent Wear.


I saw this in the comments of the last rumors. Apparently, Hell Rell went on XM 66 and discussed the Jim Jones situation with G-Unit and 50 Cent. He reportedly said that Jimmy was essentially “sleeping with the enemy.” He also compared Jim to a drug addict uncle who you can’t really reason with until they get out of rehab. What does that make Juelz? He was there too and Freekey co-signed the move in the AHH News story.


Click here to listen to the entire AllHipHop Week “Rebirth Mixtape” by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. This is music to type to if you are on a computer and music to drive to if you are in Cali.

Also, if you missed the rumors on Friday, its not because I didn’t do them. Its because I was stupid that day and put them in the features section. Click here to read it!

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There is also a Chris Brown interview over there too!

Joe Clair is in love with the N-Word.

Remember Da Ranjahs? They are back...Where are they now?




At first I thought this was funny, then I realized it was corny.


There is good news to report on the home front with regards to the Jena 6. If you haven’t heard, a Louisiana appeals court tossed the aggravated-battery conviction of Mychal Bell, 17, after it was ruled that he shouldn’t have been tried as an adult. Technically, Bell is still incarcerated but all the charges have been dropped. There is the possibility that he could be retried as a juvie, because the attacked on a White classmate. Don’t forget to mention the shotgun and the noose hanging from the tree that preceded the attack. I love how mainstream press buries the most important stuff.

Nevertheless, the overturned conviction doesn’t mean that this ish is over. Thousands are still going to descend on Lil’ Jena, Louisiana to speak on the other five and keep the awareness up. Al Sharpton said that he hoped that Mychal Bell.

Here is something that my boy Eric Carthan told me:

I live in Chicago and do volunteer work at the NAN (National Action Network). I was in the room before the parents of Mychel Bell came out and we all met at Whitney Young High School. Sharpton was saying that he is going to try and get white kids and their parents involved in this whole thing. Rev. Al Sharpton, also said he is going to lead a march in Jena, La., on behalf of the Jena Six Sept. 20, he was also saying how the case of the six Black high school students hits home across the nation and the issues are no longer contained to the small Louisiana town. Sharpton went on to say a double standard exists because the prosecutor failed to file criminal charges against the students who hanged the nooses, viewed as a life-threatening gesture, or against a young White man said to have pulled a shotgun on three Black students at a local store amidst the controversy.

Instead, three Black teens were arrested and accused of aggravated battery and theft after they took the gun from him. Sharpton says he plans to request a state investigation in the case and to file misconduct charges against District Attorney Reed Walters, the prosecutor in the cases. I personally think If they can put the prosecutor at Duke in jail, certainly they can deal with this prosecutor that Whites committed against the Blacks in Jena and then overcharged these young Black students. I write for my college newspaper here in Chicago (Columbia College) and I was able to interview Mychel Bell's Mother and Father and they told me that they were overall happy that the support was here for their son and the other boys but also saddened that Mychel and the boys were still behind bars and each day its taking away from their school education but on the other hand ". . .life is giving them a lesson they could never learn from any teacher or school book."

Read the Washington Post article.

50 & 'YE WIN!

My girl Dominique copped THREE copies of 50's album and said she is going to get FIVE more to help him out! She could at least get a radio edited version!

My other homey sent me PROOF he supports the artists! Kanye was on the Emmys last night. That's a mighty good look.

The dude's name is Bigga and he's been to every AllHipHop Week event. 'Nuff respect due!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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