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Beanie Sigel Officially Lost!

Damnit! I had this all written in stone. You KNOW THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!! Beanie and Jay-Z were supposed to kill their long-running beef on this day at Made In America. But, it was not to be. Beanie Sigel sits somewhere in jail. Damnit! Jay-Z had a whole set devoted to Philly and they said Beans name and all that. He was definitely supposed to be there. No, he is in jail and nobody bailed him out if he was able to be bailed out.

It was just brought to my attention, Beanie was arrested on the way to jail on the tax charges. He couldn't have gotten bailed out. SMH. At least Freeway got up there and showed there were no hard feelings when Freeway got on the stage at the press conference back in May. LOL!

Nah, it was all love!

Rick Ross and the MMG set.

I didn't see the Made In America set with Rick Ross and the boys, but I heard a few things. I heard it was a mess backstage that there there were a lot of people trying to get back there. It was so chaotic that the reportedly stopped letting people in altogether. This managed to cause massive problems, I heard. Some fights broke out and others just left. overall, at that point in time, I was informed it was very chaotic and folks left pissed.

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Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music Broke YouTube?

Well, if you didn't know, AllHipHop linked to the Made In America live stream. And, while there were some resolution issues, it was pretty smooth the whole time Jay-Z was on stage. But, when Kanye and the posse came on, the issues started. YouTube didn't have enough bandwidth to handle the surge in traffic. The live stream basically crawled to a halt when Big Sean, 2Chainz, Pusha-T, Kanye and them got up there. That's a good sign for Cruel Summer, which will actually be released in the fall. The stream did come back though. So, all wasn't lost - it was still off and on. 90,000 people on one stream is probably going to slow things up.

By the way, there were plenty of cameo appearances. Why didn't Chief Keef perform HIS song when Kanye and the crew did the remix? You think Yeezy was pissed at Keef's comments that Kanye ain't do nothing for him?

I'm out of here!

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