Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z's Security Mashes A Dude OUT! More Guru Rumors! Whose Booty?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. DON’T JUMP ON STAGE AT A JAY-Z SHOW, MAN!

Somebody did a dummy move. Some man decided it was a good idea to get on stage when Jay-Z was performing and I heard security almost beat the boy to death! How foul is it when I googled this, the first thing that came up was Lil Mama. LOL! Anyway, here is what one of my readers said:

What up IllSeed, this Joey Soprano checking in from the DMV. Last night went to the Jay-Z show in D.C. shit was off the hook for real. Jova killed the shit last night! Well anyways when Jay was going through his songs, he brought out Bleek and something kind of crazy happened. Some random dude some how got on stage and was walking around like he was suppose to be up there, lets just say Jigga's secret service handled the dude. The stage crasher got bull rushed all the way to the other side of the stage and literally got tossed of the stage and hit the floor haaaaaard. Dude was on the ground for like 10 mins before they were able to take him out, I smell a law suit coming haha.


People are on Twitter and they are assuming that Preemo is on there commenting on Guru, but its NOT! So, if you see DJPremiereBlog on Twitter and you think its Preem..NO!!!!!! This person runs a blog devoted to the great producer! Anyway…one could THINK that Solar and Guru were taking shots at Preemo in their statement which read:

 "I am doing fine and I am recovering! I'm weak though,” Guru told AllHipHop.com in a statement today. “Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!"

Anyway! I know DJ Premier was informally giving info via other people. Like Q-Tip would talk to Preemo and then Tip would pass the word out! 

A LOT of people want to know what exactly is going on! This is crazy! Like I said yesterday, some people are alleging that Guru isn’t even out of the coma yet! They are also saying he was in the hospital since freaking Feb 2! Just read yesterdays rumors, please. They were crazy!!!


Read this and YOU tell me what the hell is going on.

“Guru, the sole founder* of the world famous Hip-Hop group GangStarr, who is currently recovering from his surgery , issued an official statement about his health status and addressed people who are spreading wrong information.”

Why would they say that Guru is the SOLE FOUNDER of GangStarr? I know there is some stuff going on, but as far as I can see, Preemo is showing love and concern for Guru.

People, I promise you…this is going to get ugly…very soon. Whoever is doing PR better get a handle on it, because the rumors are running wild and just because I’m not saying them doesn’t mean they don’t exist!


Women (and men) – love who you are! Why? If you don’t, you are eventually going to do something crazy. For example, a Staten Island mom tried to get a boob job. And she got more than she ever imagined. According to reports, she now has four breasts! Now, this may sound sexy to some of you, but she’s not happy about it. She is suing Dr. Keith Berman of Staten Island for $5 million in damages for giving her those extra boobies. But the saddest part of it is that she’s in pain and basically deformed. Crazy! The doctor claims he warned of the risk and she went on with it. Just stick with what God gave you.


These BUMBLING IDIOTS! Two parents in Philly decide to pull a heist of a jewelry store. The go in with their freaking 4-year-old son. What happens? They rob the place and in their “get away”…leave the son behind! WTH!? They are in jail now and their son is in the care of somebody more responsible. See the vid:



If you missed it, Keyshia Cole’s new baby is named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr.

Nicki Minaj is going to get the services of Kanye West on her debut album.

I don’t believe that Mo’Nique’s man likes those hairy legs! They look like wholly mammoths!

If you are breathing…you can get a reality show. Anybody interested in the “ILLSEED SHOW?”

They are saying that Jermaine Jackson’s kids are hating on Michael’s. The Jerm kids allegedly bought a stun gun to shock the mess out of MJ’s kids! HATERS!

Dirty Money now has a JUNE release date, but Diddy's gotta stop doing songs like this or its coming out in Nevuwary....


She said that the FBI is looking into her missing nude pics. I gotta give it to you, baby:



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Man, that's Nicki bustin' loose!


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