Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Scrapping Timbaland Songs? Joe Budden Is Single Again? Lil Wayne-Another Baby?

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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.JOE BUDDEN BREAKS UP WITH TAHIRY?

Joe Budden sent out a couple of messages that suggested strongly that things are over between him and Tahiry. Hmmmmmm…I don’t know what to think. Here are the tweets complied into one quote. It sure doesn’t look positive. Based on what I have heard, hes not a happy dude. Tahiry, make it happen! Get back with Joe (or vice versa).

"its officially over. my sick brain thought that announcing it would make me feel better about it.... so much 4 that... i'm FUCKED UP right now. never knew u had a issue w lust, we can get thru nething n this world if the issues discussed, was it a whole separate issue or a issue w us"

He’s got a song where he says, “I broke up with my shorty last night…so I’ma hit the club like I don’t know here” Not looking too good.


I had a rumor about this earlier in the summer, but I am going to follow up on this one. According to the release schedule, Distant Relatives with Nas and Damian Marley was supposed to come out on August 21. They did a big blow out performance out in Cali and have done shows…but no album. Well..does anybody have a clue? I am looking and I want to know what is going on! Give us good music!


Well, Well, Well..how quickly things change over a weekend. I got a message from somebody that specifically requested that I NOT quote them so I won’t. But, what they said is that somebody in the Tim camp got hacked in a major way. It may have been somebody in either camp. Not sure. Some are saying it could be in Jay’s camp and somebody is trying to divert the attention to Tim’s crew to protect themselves. Anyway, it seems when these busy people are doing songs, they do a lot of emailing or sending songs via an FTP server. One is secure and one ain’t. Guess which. Apparently somebody didn’t use the FTP server to pass songs along and got compromised. From what I understand, these songs aren’t mixed or mastered and that is why much of the quality is weak.


Here is the other side of the rumor. I am hearing from a less-than-reliable source that has said that Jay-Z might actually be scrapping the Tim songs totally, because of the bad looks. I don’t know if this is possible at this late of a juncture to be honest. And that’s REAL! But, from what I understand the manufacturing hasn’t started so, you never know.


I didn’t read the comments, but I have to say I am sure the Ill Community bodied me! Why? I got a terribly bad rumor and rocked with it. So I have to apologize to all parties. Sheeeesh! Kardi remade the Drake song, which was out back last year. The thing with me is I’m not really up on every Drake song. I know you people “hate” Drake anyway. So, here is the original version, that Rock City and Kardi went and remade. SMH @ me…I should make myself the epic fail.


Anybody out there remember when Havoc of Mobb Deep told Kanye he could “eat a d**k?” Now, that was not cool, but Hav said it. If I am correct, that’s the same night Saigon snuffed P in NYC. Well, Havoc is like me – not afraid to say SORRY. On the song, “You Always Have a Choice,” he says the following: “I’m doing things I did in 9-5 in a youtube era / I’m bent on camera catchin’ all of my errors / Drunk, saying things I wouldn’t saying normally / Disrespecting rappers that’s I adore enormously / it was me, but then it wasn’t me.” At least he didn’t call Kanye a “gay fish.”

Here is Hav dissing, Kanye. Bygones are now bygones!

LMAO! This was actually funny. Son was tore up!


I am not so into video games to know what is going on, but I wanted to follow up on a rumor I got over the weekend. There is a strong rumor suggesting that there are new Jay-Z and Eminem songs on the way for fans. How? I am hearing there is a special edition of the DJ Hero game and the unreleased songs are going to be on there. On the flip side, I feel like my contact was saying there songs were with Jay- and Eminem TOGETHER. Now, I am not sure about that…either option is a good one.

Shout out to Jay.


Nobody has tipped me off to this one. I know Wayne is not known for being the best with condoms, so I had to reveal what I heard. Somebody emailed me a picture of a woman that they say is Wayne’s “next” baby moms. Now, I cannot saying too much about this, but she is fly and if Wayne did knock her up, he’s a wild dude. She is either from Cali or FL if this is true.


Heard of Big Pun? Sure you have! Heard of Domingo? You should have! Well, back in the day, Domingo produced a record called “The Bigger They Are.” Then there is a one-verse song from the legendary Big Pun produced by Domingo called “BX N***as” from the soundtrack of the new Pun movie. Only thing is, it seems like D hasn’t gotten properly credited. Now there is something awry. Lets make it happen! Here are both versions.

Here is the original one.

I never heard this before. Sadly, it might be because it was a Shaq record.


I keep telling you, Ja Rule is close to coming back and he may have his best chance in the international scene. Nick hit me up and told me he went to see Ja Rule in Sydney last night and that it was worth the wait. After some subpar opening acts, Ja hit the stage for a very interactive show and got girls up on stage dancing. He also tossed champagne on the crowd to their delight. What was interesting is that Ja Rule busted a freestly where he said that, while Jay-Z has Lebron James, he had Chris Paul of the Hornets. Interesting. Somebody in the crowd screamed “50 Cent” and Ja responded with his own comment dissing 50. He even threw his shirt in the crowd and caused a bit of a rumble. LOL! Nevertheless, I heard Ja did his thing.

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Recently Trey Songz caught up with Philly Radio Hosts Kendra G and DJ Touchtone. Check out the video to find out if he is single and his true feelings about R. Kelly!

If you want to read a more in-depth interview of Trey, CLICK HERE!


Man, Hip-Hop is suddenly just like regular people. Marley Marl had a heart attack. Phife had a diabetes scare. Nate Dogg’s stroke. Well, now I am hearing that the very popular DJ Unk may have had a heart attack over the weekend. The weird thing is, he “had” it, went to the emergency room and…was released. Uhm…I may be ignorant to the process of having a heart attack, but can you have one and just go straight home? Here is what UNK SAID:

Hhmmmm….. Live to live…people…just live to live. Sheeesh.


Oh my god. Let me say…I wanted to yank off both of my ears when I heard this song by Arab, but that has nothing to do with nothing right now. Arab stands accused.

Here is his song:

A friend of mine has some homies that work out of Indianapolis and deal with a producer named Cash Fargo who produced the beat called "Laugh out Loud” that Arab allegedly looped and rapped over in the above video.

Here is Cash Fargo talking about it:

This is the original song by some dudes named The Wiz Kids. This is way better than the other version.

Finally, here is Arab explaining what the hell just happened to him. LMAO.

I don’t say this much, but this kid is going to drive me to commit suicide. I’m coming “home” to be with Hip-Hop!


Fergie and one of the other BEP members came out during the Dave Matthews show at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. How COOL DUDE!

Shout out to Mikey T The Movie Star. He told me that Dipset South affiliate Jaysun is shooting a video with Styles P as a street single for his new mixtape.

Zeke of the Dips has been down in the Dirty South a lot working with groups to put out.

Bang ‘Em Smurf (50 Cent Foe and Rick Ross friend) isn’t letting his exile from America get him down. I am hearing he has signed two upcoming talents on the Trinidad Hip-Hop movement. He even has them busting out a Caribbean rap.

I found this interesting. The Game and Jay-Z will turn 30 and 40 about a week apart from each other this year. The Game’s b-day is Nov. 29 and Jay is Dec. 4.

Twenty-three people were arrested at a lil Wayne concert the other day.

A night club that was 21 and up is in trouble for letting Chris Brown party there.


Ohhhhh…this is a good one!!!!!! Some robbers tried to pull a heist on a jewelry store and got they a$$ ran out of there. LMAO! But there are four different cameras that captured it. CLASSIC.


My friends, RUN DMC and Jam Master Jay now have a street named after themselves in Queens, NYC. Guess what? This is a freakin massive event! This is DJ Scratch and Kangol Kid of UTFO holding up the sign. How crazy is that? That’s love and respect.


How ill is it that Quincy Jones called the Q-Tip Michael Jackson party in NYC. Here it is. “Don’t stop til you get enough, baby!”


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Amber Rose hosted a party and this is what she looked like..with the crazy contacts.

I love how she acts like she doesn’t look nuts.

She’s still…hot in Vegas at Tao.

Here are some more.


Ashanti is looking very cute. This is a Boys and Girls Club event in LA.

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