Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Snubs "Ether" Kim Kardashian & The Dream? Fake Dipset Reunion?


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Now, if you were on twitter watching it all unfold in Atlanta, you would have thought it was the best thing since…Dipset was united. Honestly, I was watching twitter and hating! But, I heard the tweets didn’t tell the whole truth at the highly hyped up Diplomats reunion over the weekend. I heard it was more like a Jim Jones / Freakey Zekey party or something. There was no Cam’ron and No Juelz Santana. Oh well, I guess people had fun or they lied a lot on twitter! I believe the real Dipset reunion goes down in New York later in t he month.


Jay-Z is doing a nice job. It almost seems like he is re-writing history a bit. He did an interview on Hot 97 and claimed that “Ether” didn’t even come close to his “Takeover” diss. Hmmmm….

"I think in history when we look back, and I don't mean no disrespect to Nas, I think when we look back it's not even close. I just think it was a better record."

Well…I understand he’s biased but, not even close? I can’t agree with that. I’ll also say that the circumstances surrounding Nas’ return with “Ether” was as epic as the song.

With that said.

Jay is killing it. LOL! Dude did a book reading with Dr. Cornel West. I need some of the other legends to step their game up! Jay’s taking over! Nas too! We need that new album, Esco! A NERD GETS MARRIED

N.E.R.D. member Shay Haley got married to Jackie Garcia, the former girlfriend of murdered NFL star Sean Taylor. A lot of people were there, include Pharrell, who was also the best man. The girl is the niece of gangsta actor Andy Garcia! Taylor was as home invaders ran up in their Florida home. They and shot the former Washington Redskins player with their infant daughter in the room. That’s some old mess. I hope she’s happy with Shay and Shay’s happy with her.


Oh no. I hope this isn’t some form of f**king for tracks. Kim Kardashian and The Dream have been quietly working on new music. But, when they were seen all cozy at a basketball game, the rumors started. Kim has already said nothing is poppin with Dream. They did it for the photo op.


RIP to Messy Mya. She was an upcoming rapper that died in a tragic fire.

Russell Simmons told Kanye he didn’t need to apologize about G. W. Bush and I agree. EFF THAT!!!

DaMN! Antonio Margarito got beat up bad by Manny Pac Man Pacquiao, but guess what? He had to have reconstructive surgery! Man, the ref should have stopped that one!

Fantasia is still going through it with her man Cook. Cook’s wife is still suing and they are negotiating how much she’s gonna pay her. Meanwhile, Cook was back with his wife. Fantastic Fantasia Fail.

LOL @ Ne-Yo at Porsche Racing School with D-Nice like 2 days after his daughter is born.

People are saying that Diddy proposed to Cassie, but I think that was to throw interference on the rumors that he was pissed at Jay Electronica.

Click here for the new T.I. song with Eminem. RIHANNA’S NEW WIG

I can’t hate. She looks nice.

A lil redder... 


This says a lot about men these days! Wussies!