Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z To Sign Biggest Rapper Out? Foxy and Rick Ross To Sue! Did The Dark Crusaders Get Nas?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


You know all about Jay-Z’s landmark deal with Live Nation – yeah, that lil thing worth $150 million. Anyway, there has been much talk about whether Live Nation will actually recoup the money from deals like Jay-Z and Madonna. Want to know how it will? From what I heard, Jay-Z is very much committed to getting the cake back by signing artists to his Roc Nation. But, he’s not looking to sign just the smaller artists, but the larger artists. I am hearing that Jay-Z is looking to scoop an artists named Lil Wayne and bring him over to Live Nation. YUP. Right now, Wayne is in a unique spot where she can 1) garner big bucks like a Jay-Z, but he can also 2) move major units. Also, there has been a fair amount of gossip that Wayne isn’t really getting the money he is worth in his present recording situation. I don’t know, but I do know $150 million can make anybody smarten up.


Jacki O Rides On Her Enemies: Jacki O strikes back at Brisco, DJ Khaled and Poe Boy. Woman beating is not cool – I don’t care what your reasoning is. Walk it off, dog…better yet, walk it out. When you hear her voice, you know what time it is, homey. She called Khaled a “whore.” WHEW!Go to the podcast section for this audio!


Rumor has it, 50 Cent is trying to help D-Tay – former rapper down with Young Buck. D-Tay has been on the internet talking a lot and 50 Cent is supposedly trying to get D-Tay a record deal. I don’t think it will be with G-unit. From what I heard, 50 Cent helped Maino get a record deal. Tony Yayo's is going to drop after T.O.S. and Yayo will have features from Maino, Uncle Murda, Freeway and maybe even Juelz Santana. Rumor has it Dr. Dre wanted 50 Cent to work with Bishop Lamont, but 50 declined.


Lawyers for Hip-Hop's royal couple Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are slapping the Hip Hop Weekly tabloid with a defamation lawsuit for running a COVER story falsely reporting their engagement. On the red carpet at the BET awards, The Boss of Miami who's 3rd album "Deeper Than Rap" drops later this year confirmed they are a couplesaying "That's my baby. We are not engaged, but that's my baby"......of the Brooklyn Don Diva who's highly anticipated album Black Roses drops this Christmas. AllHipHop.com just got exclusive word that Foxy's closing the deal on her much hyped VH1 reality show, and just shot the new cover of XXL hitting newsstands in August.


We all know about Nas' whole N-word CD, but I heard a rumor about it. I heard that the "Dark Crusaders" might have made a power move on Nas. If you don't know who they are, let me explain. The Dark Crusaders are a group of powerful, rich Black People that supposedly have Black people's best interests at heart. They move quietly and they don't want credit. They simply want results. So, when Nas decided to name his album N****r, I have been told several Dark Crusaders when into action. Meetings were had and the right people were apparently told, "No album named N****r is going to come out on a big corporation like Def Jam." And just like that...I heard it wasn't going down. I wonder how true is it?

Do any of you remember when Nas wanted to stage a mock "lynching" of Jay-Z at Summer Jam a few years ago? Dame Dash supposedly took credit, but I suspect somebody else stopped that move.


Write him! He just celebrated his 28th birthday and probably needs some uplifting words. (No naked pics, ladies!)

MIKE VICK (INMATE#33765-183)





Dr. Jan Adams, the man once accused of killing Kanye’s mother, was caught going the wrong way on a Bay Area freeway. His blood-alcohol level exceeded the state limit! Here is Shelz’s take on the matter:

This story has been blazing through the media, but I had to add my two cents. Jan Adams, the doctor who allegedly performed life-ending surgery on Kanye West's mother, was arrested yesterday for suspected DUI. Oh, and driving with a suspended license. Oh, and exiting an expressway on the entrance ramp. But while the good folks over at TMZ were researching this dude, they found out his medical license had been pulled for non-payment of child support. Now many a writer is screaming "KARMA!" but the concept that jumps out at me in this story is he's losing his medical license for not paying for the kiddies. Damn. Has anyone heard of this before? I understand the man should be taking care of his seeds, but not being able to work is going to make that hella difficult. And maybe this particular doctor shouldn't be practicing medicine anymore, but of course, he's not the only doctor working under this law. And the irony is if you pay up, you get the license back. I wonder if Cali really thought this through.


These gossip sites have no mercy like G-Unit on Young Buck. Kanye's mother, Donda West, allegedly owed something like $600,000 at her time of death. This debt was for a mortgage on her condo. HELLO? Kanye’s going to handle his business, I’m sure.


In 2002 Teddy Riley, the guy who brought us Guy and those dudes who did Rump Shaker, was facing financial issues like a lot of other ole school architects. He filed for Chapter 11 protection. So sometime in January he asked the courts if he could unload the studio to pay off some of his debt. Agreed. Then sometime in May the auction was conducted. Now understand the studio was full of high-tech equipment circa 1993. I'm not sure what state of the art was in '93. So I'm going to take some literary license and just say he had some sheet music and a Victrola. Anyway, the starting bid of $500,000 was not offered. No sale. Fast forward to yesterday. It burned to the ground. Nuff said. Yup! Yup!

[Illseed note: I hope he can get some insurance money out of the “deal.”]


Max B = dude that was down with Jim Jones

Un Pacino = Dude down with Mobb Deep

Max B responded to some comments Prodigy of Mobb Deep made. I guess P called Max and several other artists wack, trash or garbage on a viral video. Well, after Max made comments, P made additional comments from jail. From what I heard (but don’t know for certain) Un Pacino took it upon himself to defend Prodigy’s honor. He did that by allegedly striking Max B with his first or an object at a recent T.O.S. album release G-Unit, my people told me. More on this. I am sure a response or retaliation is on the way.


The illseed Opinion: Why are people so worried about Black (or White people) voting for Barack "just" because he's Black? There are people that WON'T vote for him, just because he's Black. Go bother those people!

GASP! According to reports Viacom stock is sinking and the company that owns MTV, BET and others might go private soon.

SORRY! Shelz wanted you to know she knows all about the Death Row sale - sorry about the error yesterday. Shelz is my girl!


From the book "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of Notorious Big":

"Temptation is a motherf**ka. You're in the industry. Girls sucking you off for nothing. They will even suck a crew member off. That's the way it goes. It's crazy but it's real. Now you got me, it's possible for me to sleep with 10 women a day if I wanted to. And then my woman gonna scream on me like, you cheating MF. Hell, shit happens. As long as I ain't keeping in contact with these girls and they not trying to move to New York to be with me. Just take it for what it is. You know what I'm saying?"

Get Ice-T and Soulja Boy in a ring. I wanna see who would win [MTV]:

"I ain't sugar-coat nothing. I ain't back down. I ain't scared of dude or nothing like that. I just told him how I felt when he spoke on me. This ain't no beef or drama. I'm 17 years old and he's I-don't-know-how-old. I was defending myself."


The world might not come to an end, but for humans it will. Slugs and roaches will be fine! Peep this:

A man serving a life sentence for lewd molestation has been arrested for molesting his own daughter during a visit at a prison in Oklahoma. YUP! Eugene Bond is his name and he is a 42 year old from Oklahoma City. His OWN KID is an eight-year-old. This incident allegedly occurred after the girls OWN MOTHER brought her to visit her father. They are in the visiting room and the daughter is sitting on Bond’s lap. People in the room and cameras saw him rubbing the child inappropriately. Bond’s wife, Rebecca Bond, 40, was charged with enabling child abuse. Another case of two adults with no checks and balances.

Like a wack rapper in the studio, somebody has to say, “This doesn’t sound right.”

By the way, Bond’s first conviction came in 1988 and he was knocked for molesting a six-year-old girl. In 1996, he was also arrested for second-degree rape and in 2003, Bond was convicted on two counts of lewd acts with a child. That conviction led to the life sentence. Dude couldn’t stop…what a sicko. Sick to the point where he’d just do life – f**k it.


Real Men Shave Their Nuts!

Peep these recent statements from Coed mag about certain rappers getting bikini waxes:

Pros: You look bigger, girls are more willing to do naughty things to you, “bald is beautiful,” one rapper said.

Cons: Hot wax applied to your nether regions/crack, dried, then RIPPED OFF (along with all that unsightly hair).

Hmmmm..... Now that takes guts! Men step your game up!

The Game Takes the High Road.... As Usual

Looks like the Game is tired of all the drama between him and 50 and has decided to bury the hatchett! Check it out:

“The Game has ended his long-running feud with former mentor 50 Cent, insisting the “beef” between the two rap rivals is over. The Game insists the feud was never anything that was going to escalate to a level of the East Coast-West Coast battle that ended with Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. six feet under.

And now the retiring rapper insists he’s happy to end the feud. He tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, ‘I ain’t got no beef with 50. All that… was on wax. I never shot at him, he never shot at me. Both of us done said a lot. But we’re not Biggie and Pac.’ And, in a shock statement, The Game has actually thanked 50 Cent for helping to give him a start as a rapper. He adds, ‘I appreciate homey for helping me on my way up.'

It's about time these dudes got mature about the situation! Kudos to you Game never bite the hand that feeds you!

Kanye is thinking again... We should be worried!

So word has it Kanye is contemplating retiring from Hip Hop. Word around the industry is Kanye has had a rough patch this year and he's thinking toward getting into fashion and starting his own label! I hear the transition could take place as early as the end of the Glow in the Dark tour! While Kanye hasn't released a statement about it, I wouldn't be mad at him if he took a break, he's more than deserving of it! Get your metro on Kanye I aint mad at cha ;-)

Speaking of Fashion...

I hear that Janet won't be the only one getting into clothing! Brother Michael is also in the works of bringing out a clothing line with Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier! According to what Christian Audigier told People Mag “It’s the merging of the King of Pop with the king of fashion. Something explosive is going to happen.” The line is set to release this Fall in Kitson stores near you so be on the look out! Although I must add I've never been one to want to jack Wacko Jacko's sense of fashion..... but hey whatever works for you!

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

If Janet comes out with a lingerie line imagine all the not so right bodies that will be squeezing into that trying to fulfill their mans every dream of hopping in bed with Janet Jackson! Man it's not a good look! Men guard your eyes and your loins lol!

I hear Swizz Beats wife Mashonda hooked up with Alicia's man Krucial Keys.... Oh what a tangled web they've weaved but Swizz and Krucial Keys got the most out of the deal damn! Women never get off! Mashonda lost a husband and A.Keys lost her dignity! [Alicia Keys will never lose her dignity and Mashonda won’t lose when those checks come in.]

Seeing how everyone follows the rap big wigs, who is next to get their balls shaved?

Hey Dudes.... is anyone else pissed Kenyon Martin got to Trina before you did? She was on the market for a minute!

Go Hard or Go Home!

Shout out to Bill Gates!

Enjoy that retirement!










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