Hip-Hop Rumors:Jay-Z To Sign Shyne? Dame's Book To Blast Jay? Foxy Brown Arrested?

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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE 

The weekend is gone and it wasn’t really a weekend. There were storms all over the place. Makes me think of the “signs” I post. 

Drake got messed up and tore his ACL again. Make me think of men (Black men in particular) and how we don’t listen, or trust the doctor’s opinion. If you have a (good) doctor, just do what he says unless its crazy! 

After all the storm, Sunday was very chill and this is why I am writing rumors now.

Lastly, I am going to say RIP to Baatin of Slum Village. There will be no rumors around this one. Another sad day and loss for Hip-Hop. Take care of yourself and others.


Well, what do we have here? According to sources will AllHipHop.com, Jay Z went to Rikers Island on Friday to see Shyne, the former rapper down with Bad Boy Records. I don't know exactly what went down, but sources say Jay-Z visited him to offer Shyne a deal with Roc Nation. I wonder...how would what go down. Shyne's pretty real on the street side of things, but he's achievements as a rapper aren't quite 100. Still, in this era of "no snitching," Shyne Po pretty much stands alone.


I reported a ways back that Dame Dash was doing a tell-all book. Nobody really knows much about it other than it will be Dame telling some stuff about his life and his times. But, there are some people suggesting that Dame is going to go at Jay-Z hard. AND, in my opinion, this isn't far-fetched considering how angry Dame is towards Jay. I am not saying his feelings aren't justified, but just saying that matter-of-factly.


So, from what I heard, Gucci Mane had a concert scheduled with OJ the Juiceman, Jim Jones, and Nicki Minaj at The Congress Theatre on Aug. 1. One of the people that I know was HEATED, because he took off work, bought $120 per person tickets into the VIP section for my wife and himself… Then, he admitted that he was super hype to see Gucci and even called himself a “chump fool.” When he got to the venue, there was a sign that said that Gucci Mane was not going to be there. He was mad, but one of the security took it down after seeing people starting to get angry. The other standing room only seats were $60 so this was no cheap show. The show supposed to have started at 7pm but around 8pm, local acts did their thing for the next 3 1/2 hours! LOL… Finally, he says OJ Da Juiceman takes the stage for like verses verses, not five songs but verses. Suddenly, the security rushed everyone out of the VIP section saying the show was over! I don’t know if Nicki was there or not, because he didn’t say that. I personally would have been more upset if Nicki wasn’t there, because I love her. Gucci not being there wouldn’t have bothered me. No hate. 


Here is a parody of Drizzcuit!


The rumor mill is crazy that 50 Cent is running around with Ciara (again). 

I have been told that Vancouver loves KRS-One, BUT they are very upset that the Teacher has missed three shows in a row!

Neffe from Keyshia Cole’s show has revealed that her brother died three days ago. Wondering if it is the same person from the TV show. Any idea? Thanks, Kia.

So you know, Nicki Minaj is still down with the management company that is down with Gucci Mane. Good to see she is loyal, but business is business. 

There are those that have suggested that Lola Luv is now “dating” Soulja Boy. I have been told that these rumors are not true.

You know, I never was too good with my countries. Sorry for confusing Switzerland with Sweden in my last rumors. Love to both of them! Shout out to Mr. Omari from Sweden.

LOL! Somebody from Philly was like, "We feel bad about Drake and all that, but he owes us a show." Philly is hard on rappers.

Above The Law is reportedly working on a new album. I want "Murder Rap 2009."

I heard a few local acts got hit with water bottles at the Red and Meth show last week. I heard the dynamic duo rocked it though.

Rumors are swelling that Arturo Gatti didn't kill himself at all. They are saying what has been said from day one. She murdered him or got somebody else to do it, because it could be pulled off in Brazil. Hmmmmmm....

I know what happened with the Slaughterhouse record and I would like to say BUY THE ALBUM!

I wonder if CNN is doing any sustained programs in the Black community since they are making a mint on these "Black In America" shows.

Rumor has it the daughters of T.I. and Lil Wayne are now looking for a reality show. I guess they got such a boost in attention after they paraded across the stage with Drake.

They are saying Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are back together. They showed up at some Russell Simmons event together.

Some fool tried to take a fake bomb with him at a NY airport and ended up catching a case.

Shemar Moore was reportedly in a car accident.

The Game's cousin has finally sued his fam for the fight they had at a funeral.

HELL RELL SAYS...Hell Rell says Jim Jones ruined - or “f**ked up” - Dip Set. What do you think? Rappers need to stick together in these times.

“We all know Jim f**ked the Set up”....

Not only did he mention the stuff with Cam'ron, but he also referred to some of the kind of music that Jim has been doing, namely the stuff with DJ Webstar and autotune. Interesting.


A few days ago, I cracked a lil’ joke on Chris Brown that didn’t go over too well with a stan. Here is the letter. If anything happens to me, you know where to look. 

can you guys DEMAND Chris Brown's side of the story? Or is Jay Z And B threatening you like they threatened BET? many of us believe Rianna has not told everything. AND THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS HOW LA COPS ARE!

F**K JAY Z! I want the full story. Was Rianna leaning over beating the shit out of Chris and he was elbowing her crazy ass off of him?

Everyone is dissing Chris but until I hear BOTH sides (f**k the crooked ass cops stories), double f**k that bitch as well! 

Illseed’s reply: There are times when rumors just get out of control. 1) Jay-Z didn’t threaten BET. Jay-Z or Beyonce didn’t threaten ME. LA cops had nothing to do with this case other than arrested Breezy. I personally believe that C. Brown has, not only admitted to beating Rihanna, but apologized with a very bad shirt on that ensures we never forget it. Both sides are out there. As far as what the letter writer wants to do to Rihanna…not a bad idea.


The cops are planting drugs? That’s nothing new, but I thought it was very interesting to see that the officers have formal hand signs to signify when they are going to do it. And, to do it on camera is super bold and brazen. An obvious case of abuse of power. Check out the entire video. People need to know the forces of evil when they are present. Women, don’t be so fast to call the cops or you may have an even worse situation with the man you love. SMH. 


Kanye West DID NOT say that he was the new King of Pop now that MJ is gone, but that didn't stop people from making comparisons. Check out this video.

REH DOGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Reh Dogg on TV over the week and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I don't even remember what the interview was like. All I know is Reh Dogg is about to go pop with this autotune remix of "Why Must I Cry"!

Here is the original to give you nightmares for a week.


 Message from Jabbar


Wut up Ill. Hope all is good man. I was goin thru the rumors and somethin caught my eye in regards to the whole DJ Drama in Dubai thing.

Just to introduce myself, I'mma Chicagoan living in Dubai, and I've been

here for almost 5 years. It's next to impossible for anyone to get into the booth and politick

with the DJ spinnin in the club "Sanctuary". How do I know this? Cuz DJ Bliss, who happens to be a close friend is the one who spins there every


As a matter of fact, I was supposed to meet up with Drama on the next night, as he's a friend of DJ Boogie Boy (Chicago's B96) who also happens to be my boy and they recently collaborated along with Khaled on

a local Chi-town's artist mixtape (JQ).

I know its next to impossible for anyone to go up to the booth to say "wut up" to the DJ, because the laws in Dubai are real strict on who can be in a booth, it's either gotta be the DJ, or a licensed performer in which you gotta apply for that license ($400/night) per license. If someone who's not supposed to be in the booth is seen at any time the venue is fined $2721. So security guards make sure no cats like Black Bishop or whoever can't get in, cuz they don't wanna be hit with the


International DJs don't usually come down to Dubai to talk about their personal lives and beefs. I been here for a minute and I've met most of them. They looking to play a show and get paid. The DJ ain't gonna stop and tell some kid he ain't gonna play Jeezy. Ha, this kid is probably just trynna gas some shit up. I even just verified it by the resident DJ, DJ Bliss. It's a BS rumor homie. Cat's just trynna eat, while other cats trynna reap..

Bury this rumor...


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